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They say that Costa Rica’s photo ops are picture-perfect, and they’re not lying – we have the proof! The same applies to our selection of Costa Rica videos. Our travel experts have journeyed far and wide, both to popular destinations and the most secluded corners of the country, to snap thousands of photos. We’ve organized our favorites into dozens of albums – classified by destination, theme or activity – and posted them to give you a taste of Costa Rica’s stunning sights and visual beauty. May our snapshots of kaleidoscopic sunsets, pristine beaches, and inquisitive animals inspire your travels!

Our selection of videos cover many of the most exciting areas of Costa Rica as well highlighting some some of the most thrilling tours and sights to see around this beautiful little country, so time to dig in!

  • 25 Must Do Costa Rica Tours

    25 Must Do Costa Rica Tours

    This 25 Must Do list is the ultimate in Costa Rica Tours. It is the definitive list for every adventure seeker looking for a thrill ride in Costa Rica or to simply get out and see a little bit more of the country and a relaxing fashion....

  • 22 Amazing Costa Rica Sunsets

    22 Amazing Costa Rica Sunsets

    No matter if the sun falls in the ocean or in the mountains, Costa Rica offers the best venues to enjoy the most impressive and magical sunsets.

  • THIS is Costa Rica Wildlife!

    THIS is Costa Rica Wildlife!

    Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world! Thanks to its tropical climate, its geographical location and the protection of around 25% of its natural habitat means this small country is home to 5% of existing...

  • 20 Surprising Costa Rica Swimming Pools (pics)

    20 Surprising Costa Rica Swimming Pools (pics)

    Add textCosta Rica with its exceptional selection of fine hotels means that many of these properties have some exciting and sometimes very different swimming pools! After all many Costa Rica swimming pools make up the perfect place to...

  • The Ultimate Costa Rica Travel Video

    The Ultimate Costa Rica Travel Video

    After a couple of years of traveling around Costa Rica with my GoPro camera to hand I finally figured I have enough good footage to edit together a fun Ultimate Costa Rica travel video. I think you'll agree with me as Costa Rica is the...

  • Casado Challenge!

    Casado Challenge!

    Here at Costa Rican Vacations, we set out to find the best Casado in Costa Rica! What's a Casado you ask? A Casado is a traditional Costa Rican lunch named for the “married men” it traditionally fed.

  • The Real Jurassic World (36 pics)

    The Real Jurassic World (36 pics)

    The Real Jurassic Park in Costa Rica is here! Can you spot the story from Jurassic Park in this photo gallery of stunning Costa Rica places and wildlife?