Conchal Beach Costa Rica

Conchal Beach Costa Rica

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Conchal Beach Costa Rica at a Glance

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Special Features:

Conchal Beach get’s its name from the Spanish word for shell: “concha”. The white sand and tiny shell particles arguably make this destination one of the most beautiful beaches in Central America. The billions of shells that have washed up and repeatedly softened by the ocean and crushed into tiny vibrant sand truly make this a unique beach and one worth visiting. The turquoise waters and calm break are great for all travelers – be sure to snorkel in the crystal waters!

Fast Facts

Region: Guanacaste & The North Pacific
Landscape: Beach & Dry Tropical Forest
Closest Airports: Liberia (LIR) International and Tamarindo (Domestic)
Altitude: Sea Level
Average Temperature: 75º-92º F (23º-33º C)

Conchal Beach Costa Rica is a top destination for those seeking a calmer, white sand beach destination. Its location in the north Pacific region of the country, in the province of Guanacaste, provides visitors an opportunity to experience a dry tropical forest. Conchal is more of a beach destination than a town. However, visitors can access the local fishing town of Brasilito, which is located just one kilometer (1/2 mile) north. It’s a lively, small ‘Tico’ (Costa Rican) fishing village that has a few small souvenir huts and marisquerias (seafood eateries).

Conchal is ideal for those seeking a relaxing beach stay. Although only a short 20-minute drive to the larger surfing town of Tamarindo, Conchal does have a more remote feeling. You’re separated from the hustle and bustle of the local towns and can often be the only individual walking certain stretches of sand. Strolls along the beach and through the forested areas often allows guests a glimpse at a sloth hanging from a tree or to experience the curiosity of one of the various species of monkeys that make this area their home.

All types of activities are available in the region for those wishing to stay in the Conchal area. From water sports to hiking in the local volcanic region of the Rincon De La Vieja National Park, visitors will find it easy to keep in touch with the natural beauty and diversity of the country. Although Conchal is a dry tropical forest, visitors can travel to local park areas to experience the rainforest and other environments.

The pristine coastline with its sugary sand and vibrant water is a beach lovers dream. Palm trees dance above lounge chairs provided by the few properties that have access to this beautiful beach. It’s an ideal destination for all types of travelers and a must-see for those seeking the tranquility of a truly gorgeous Costa Rican beach.

Attractions & Places to See

Crashing waves, the echo of a howler monkey from the forest, the clicking of palm tree branches as the breeze hits them’- that what is heard at Conchal Beach. This little chunk of paradise awaits you away from the town centers or any large highways or vehicle-filled roads. Your views are of the expansive ocean, with its turquoise and green waters speckled with sailboats and fishing canoes and dotted with various islands. From this gorgeous location, you can experience:

● The sweeping beach of Conchal itself and its far edges with volcanic rocks boarding its bay
● The neighboring picturesque beaches: Flamingo, Tamarindo, Sugar Beach, Playa Grande
● National Parks including Rincon De La Vieja, Barra Honda, and Palo Verde
● Local towns of Brasalito, Flamingo, and Tamarindo

Activities & Things to Do

This location has a bit of something for everyone, even with its more remote feel. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a white water rafting excursion, cave exploration, or deep sea fishing or diving or are more interested in a beach stroll, paddleboarding session, or even a relaxing massage on the beach, it’s all at your fingertips. Here are some of the top activities for this region:

● Bird & Wildlife Watching
Cave Spelunking
● Ocean Kayaking and Paddleboarding
● Hiking or Mountain Biking
● Scuba Diving or Snorkeling
● Mangrove or River Boat or Kayak Tours
White Water Rafting
● Horseback Riding
● Golfing

Day Trips from Conchal Beach Costa Rica

Conchal is an excellent home base for day trips. Here are a few of our favorites, within just 1-2 hours from the properties at Conchal:

● Rincon De La Vieja National Park—a rainforest and volcanic region with great hiking, horseback riding opportunities, and canopy zip lining. Visitors can experience natural thermal hot springs, mud baths, and more! (96 km/60 miles)
Palo Verde National Park—a haven for wildlife lovers with a diverse range of terrain and animals, especially known for the many migratory birds that flock to the region during the rainy season (85 km/52 miles)
● Whitewater rafting—on the Tenorio or Colorado River
● Sportfishing—take your pick of in-shore or off-shore adventures or river fishing
● Barra Honda National Park—Ever tried cave spelunking? This is your spot!

Wildlife & Nature

Monkeys, sloths, tropical birds, reptiles, and marine life can be seen in the general Conchal Beach area. For more intensive wildlife viewing opportunities, Palo Verde and the Rincon De La Vieja region provide more opportunities. A ride on the Tempisque River in the Palo Verde National Park, for example, provides nature lovers a closer look at some of Costa Rica’s most notable residents—toucans, macaws, and parrots flying overhead to crocodiles swimming beside the boat and basking in the sun on the banks of the river.

Best Time to Visit Conchal Beach Costa Rica

The North Pacific is a great location for travel year round. Costa Rica does have distinct seasons – the drier season and a green season which tends to see more rainfall. However, these should not deter visitors from choosing Conchal Beach as a destination. May is the beginning of the green season here in Costa Rica, but it’s a transitional month, as are June, July, and August. With each passing month, the amount of rainfall increases—the rainiest being from the end of September to the end of November. Costa Rica begins transitioning into the dry season in December. Generally during the transition months, the weather patterns follow very beautiful sunny mornings and early afternoons followed by an afternoon rain shower and a clear beautiful evening. Many travelers tend to prefer the transitional months or “green season” because of the lush, green landscape of the country.

Where to Stay

Properties are limited in the Conchal Beach area; however, those that exist there provide some of the nicest of accommodations and experience. Conchal Beach has two main properties that provide direct beach access and is home to arguably the nicest all-inclusive property in Costa Rica, The Westin. Neighboring this all-inclusive beach resort is the Reserva Conchal property which provides a variety of accommodation types, such as smaller luxury condos, three-bedroom penthouses, and five-bedroom private villas.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Because the Conchal area is away from town centers, properties provide dining options on-site. At the Westin, for example, the property is all-inclusive – providing all meals, snacks, and beverages. Reserva Conchal also has an on-site restaurant that provides a menu for all meals and snacks. Visitors can certainly venture into the local town of Brasilito to one of the local restaurants there, especially if they’re in the mood for fresh seafood! The towns of Flamingo and Tamarindo also provide a wide variety of dining options from local Costa Rican fare to other diverse options like Italian, American, Caribbean, and more. Beach vendors are also available on Conchal serving grilled kebabs, fresh ‘ceviche’, cold coconut water served from the coconut itself—the local version of the snow cone—or even beers, mixed drinks, and other varieties or local fruits and snacks!

For the best nightlife options, head to the town of Tamarindo. There are a wide variety of clubs, beach bars, and live music venues open each night.

Services & Infrastructure

Public transportation: Buses run from the Liberia area to Tamarindo and Flamingo, passing Brasilito along the way. Taxis are also prevalent.
Public amenities: No public bathrooms or other services available directly on the beach at Conchal.
Shopping: Vendors selling souvenirs can be found on the beach of Conchal. For larger shopping establishments, Tamarindo is the best option. A few small grocery stores are located in the town of Brasilito and a larger grocery store is located on the highway to Tamarindo, about a 15-minute drive away.
ATMs: Can be found at local banks between the town of Brasilito and Flamingo or on the way to and in the town of Tamarindo.
Gas stations: Two miles east of the town of Huacas, there is a 24 hour Oasis Exxon—partway between the Flamingo/Conchal area and Tamarindo.
WiFi or Internet cafés: Many mid-range and upscale hotels and restaurants offer free WiFi.
Cell Phone Reception: Some reception.
Restaurants: Some options in local town areas and on site at hotels. For a wider range, head to the town of Tamarindo.
Nearest medical facilities: Costa de Emergencias Hospital and Pharmacy is located at the crossroads of Huacas. Tamarindo also has local clinics. The Westin has an on-site doctor as well.