Costa Rica Travel Guide

Welcome to the Costa Rica Travel Guide! We’ve created your virtual best friend – an insider’s guide full of practical information and videos for Costa Rica travel as well as plenty of interesting details about this amazing country. With more than 15 years in the industry of making amazing Costa Rica vacations and dozens of local experts on staff, we’ve seen and heard it all. And now, we’ve compiled the answers to your burning questions into one, easy-to-navigate guide. So grab that cup of coffee, sit back, enjoy the videos and dig in. Soon you’ll have the how out of the way, so you can start planning the where, the what, and all that other good stuff.

  • About Costa Rica

    About Costa Rica

    Often dubbed "The Happiest Country in the World", Costa Rica is full of delights that will never cease to surprise and impress those who travel here.

  • Best Places to Stay in Costa Rica

    Best Places to Stay in Costa Rica

    Whre are the best places to stay in Costa Rica? Tough answer as the sheer diversity of landscapes and environments. From cloud forests and mountain peaks to volcanoes and pristine beaches means there is something for everyone.

  • Around Costa Rica

    Around Costa Rica

    Travel around Costa Rica can be surprisingly swift and easy. Wake up in a vibrant metropolis, spend the day on a beach and then fall asleep to the sounds of nature in a jungle paradise, it is all possible.

  • Things to Do

    Things to Do

    Costa Rica boasts a vast smorgasbord of things to do, promising something for everyone. Whether you come to surf, sight see, or spot an endangered animal in the wild, Costa Rica will fulfill your expectations.

  • Costa Rica Travel Tips 2021

    Costa Rica Travel Tips 2021

    Get all the best Costa Rica travel tips from the people who know. From airlines and airports to things to bring and what not to do when you are here. This guide on travel to Costa Rica is indispensable.

  • Fishing in Costa Rica

    Fishing in Costa Rica

    Check out our Guide to Sportfishing in Costa Rica, where you will find free information about things to see and do, maps, suggestions and other Costa Rica fishing tips.

  • Nature


    Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world's known biodiversity with over 500,000 species of animals. If you like nature, then you are going to love it here, where protected forests allow you to truly experience the environment.

  • Photos & Videos

    Photos & Videos

    They say that Costa Rica’s photo ops are picture-perfect, and they’re not lying – we have the proof! Our travel experts have journeyed far and wide, both to popular destinations and the most secluded corners of the country, to snap...

  • Living in Costa Rica

    Living in Costa Rica

    There’s a reason why so many people expatriate or retire to Costa Rica, and that reason is called paradise. Costa Rica is a celebration of life, of the “pura vida,” and many people happily find their forever homes here.