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Alexandra Vallee

Travel Consultant



I was born and raised in Canada. I love escaping to explore the world!  Every winter, I would find reasons to leave for months because I dislike cold weather and snow. In 2014 I came to Costa Rica on vacation.  I liked it so much that I extended my trip for an additional three months.   By then I knew Costa Rica had a special place in my heart! I love the warmth and sunshine of Costa Rica and all the animals! Every day I get the talk about the country I decided to call home! 

Notes on Costa Rica

Let's get personal

My Favorite Thing To Do Is...

My favorite hobby is chasing hidden beaches and waterfalls. My Favorite waterfall is Rio Celeste!

Fun Fact About Me...

The first thing I wanted to see when I got to Costa Rica, was a sloth! Before my first trip, I had watched a documentary and fell in love with them!

Top Travel Tip...

Get excited about all little things, embrace and enjoy every minute of it! Be careful, you may never leave!

Recent Traveler Stories

Alexandra organized our trip and it was faultless. 3 stays on the tour. San Jose. Tabacon and Tamarindo. Hotels were truly amazing and the food both in and out of the hotels was a delight. Planned tours and transfers went smoothly. It really exceeded our expectations.

steve s from Sacramento, California
Date of exterience: September 2021

Hi Alexandra (agent @ Costa Rica Vacations),We had such an amazing time and we actually booked two more tours so we were never not doing anything! Costa Rica is beautiful and the people are incredibly nice. We loved how committed to protecting the environment they are and how they just spread positivity with a simple “Pura Vida” as their greeting to everyone around them. Absolutely loved every hotel you booked for us!! The staff made us feel celebrated, so thank you!!! So again, thank you for your service and know that we sure will be using the referral code! Our friends and family were just in awe with all of our pictures and videos. Of course, and thank you for that email you sent us with tips for our stay in Costa Rica, it was super useful!

jorgevalle1 from Sacramento, California
Date of exterience: September 2021

The people and scenery could not have been any nicer. Alexandra Vallee did a great job putting this trip together for us. We stayed at 3 different locations and all were beautiful. All of our transfer drivers were super nice and would pull over to show us animals and agricultural places. We got to see moneys, anteaters, sloths, etc. We did a nature tour and zip lining. I haven't seen my husband have so much fun in a long time. It was nice to see how much he was smiling. The only down side with the places we stayed was not enough menu options. The Peace Lodge - you need to be in shape to stay there. LOTS of stairs. But had beautiful waterfalls and huge rooms. Had some issues with ants in the bar area and the bathroom sinks in the room and also had an issue with the front desk telling us we cancelled a special exhibit tour when we didn't. The Springs Resort - LOVE LOVE this place. So much to do. GO HERE!! Cala Luna - Was disappointed with the beach area. There were too many large rocks to be able to swim in the water. We had to wait for high tide to get in which is not until late in the day. And this was the only place we had a issue with mosquitoes. It was hard to be at the pool area at night without getting eaten. But you were able to take a taxi into town.

Jennifer Piekarski from Sacramento, California
Date of exterience: September 2021

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I chase hidden beaches and waterfalls all because I watched a documentary on Costa Rica!

Travel Consultant