Best Spas in Costa Rica: A Journey of Serenity and Wellness

Woman relaxing as she receives a massage in Cala Luna hotel

Best Spas in Costa Rica: A Blend of Nature and Nurture

Costa Rica proudly embraces its slogan “Pura Vida”. This isn't just a phrase; it's a way of life. It reflects how Ticos, the locals, cherish and utilize everything around them, from garden plants and animals to fruits and vegetables. What makes Costa Rica truly unique? It's the way they harness nature, be it for medicinal purposes, healing, or consumption.
As many Costa Ricans ventured out, word spread about the country's natural treasures and the Ticos' deep respect for their environment. I fondly recall my grandmother's wisdom: "Every plant has a purpose," whether it's brewing teas for ailments or crafting healing oils.
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