Costa Rica Real Estate Market Trends: What Investors Need to Know

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A Thriving Market with Long-Term Potential

Costa Rica is known for its political stability and strategic initiatives designed to attract foreign direct investment, particularly in free zones and real estate sectors, showcasing a market ripe for long-term growth. By maintaining a stable economic environment and actively fostering growth in key sectors such as tourism and technology, Costa Rica positions itself as a thriving market with substantial sustainable potential.
The recently-enacted CHIPS Act deepens the technological partnership between the United States and Costa Rica, enabling Costa Rica to leverage its geographical proximity to the U.S. and become a significant player in the global semiconductor industry. This partnership is expected to drive economic growth, create jobs, and enhance technological capabilities in Costa Rica, reinforcing its status as a leading destination for high-tech industry investments
Additionally, Costa Rica's digital nomad visa has attracted a growing number of foreign investors and remote workers seeking temporary residency. This visa is part of a range of measures to encourage foreign investment and visitors, contributing to the country's economy.
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