Best Places to Stay in Potrero

Best Places to Stay in Potrero

With a residential atmosphere, Potrero feels more like a neighborhood than a tourist area. There are various options to stay here, mostly boutique hotels, all of which contribute to the sensation you're tucked away from the faster pace of everyday city life. There are also a variety of bars, restaurants,  supermarkets, and similar stores around, which make  Potrero perfect for those who want to stay away from more noisy and bustling destinations while still having access to these conveniences.
Bahia del Sol is one of the best places to stay in Potrero. It’s a quiet boutique resort, with beautifully landscaped gardens and a beachfront location. Potrero is famous for its stunning sunsets, so make sure to walk a few paces to the sand so you can enjoy the view.

Convenient Location in Guanacaste

Potrero has another advantage: it’s located between Las Catalinas to the north and Flamingo Beach to the south, some of Guanacaste's most sought-after destinations. In fact, from the shore at the beach, you can spot some of the boats that go back and forth from the  Flamingo marina, adding to the unique ambiance of the area. It’s also easy to access all the promising amenities these more crowded locations offer—from snorkeling tours to world-class dining—while returning to a laid-back hotel to rest at night.
The sand at Potrero is not as white as on other nearby beaches, but it’s still soft and dotted with just enough pebbles and shells to make it interesting. It’s a great beach to take a walk, play with kids, or even practice watersports.

How to Move Around Potrero Beach

The closest international airport to Potrero is the Guanacaste Airport in Liberia. It’s about a 45-minute drive to and from Potrero, which makes it a perfect first or last destination during your vacation. 
We usually recommend booking a private transfer with an experienced driver, that way you get to fully relax and enjoy the views while someone else takes you around. However, it’s possible to arrive and leave in a rental car if you’re comfortable using apps like Google Maps or Waze. There are also taxis and some public buses throughout the day, but driving is the most convenient way to travel. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll gladly help you!
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