Waterfall Hunting in Manuel Antonio

This is a true paradise experience chasing some of the prettiest jungle waterfalls in the area.

Waterfall Hunting’ is perfect for families, groups and couples who love nature and want to experience the nature in Manuel Antonio like locals.
Get off the beaten path in a Manuel Antonio waterfall tour full of adventure suitable for all ages. Follow the Pacific coast near Manuel Antonio to visit four secluded locations (three waterfalls and a beach) to explore your wilder side.
Hop on a van and prepare for a day traversing the Pacific coast in search of three different waterfalls. Each one presents unique opportunities to commune with nature.
Hike along paths and trails among the rainforest to reach each one of the three waterfalls you visit this day. Each waterfall has at least one natural swimming pool for you to bathe, swim, or relax by.
The guides are very concerned with safety – they check the depth of the water and the presence of rocks before the fun begins. Once everything is cleared, is time to dive in!
Jump from strategic rock locations to the water below, or slide down a 20-feet natural stream into the pool. If you are not sure how to do these, the guides are more than happy to help you: jumpers of all ages have managed even the highest diving points.
For some unique footage, don’t forget to ask the guides if they can demonstrate how to do ‘body surfing’, and prepare the camera for a display of athletics!
If you prefer a quieter time, splash in the pool or swim behind the waterfall itself to explore all its nooks. These waterfalls are off the the more trodden areas, and receive few visitors. Take the chance to know some of Manuel Antonio’s secrets and transform them into memories.
Once you’ve visited all the waterfalls it’s time to move on to the beach. This is also an area known to locals but seldom visited by others, making it more secluded and less crowded than the main beaches in Manuel Antonio.
It boasts lava formations and rock caves to explore. It’s surrounded by palm trees as well, and it’s a great place to take photos. Scour the coast in search of shells, or take a dip in the ocean to play.
Finish the day with a late lunch at a restaurant. Take the opportunity to learn about how a farm-to-table restaurant is run, and ask about its sustainability practices. Then it’s time to go back to the hotel with new lifelong memories, and ready to continue your Costa Rican vacation!
What’s included: Transportation, lunch, snacks & drinks, guide.
Recommended ages: All ages.
What to bring: Water shoes or rugged sandals (NO flip flops, they’re too slippery), waterproof camera, towel, sunscreen, bug spray, change of clothes.
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