Inshore Fishing Costa Rica Packages

Costa Rica is world famous for great inshore fishing and presents a great opportunity to enjoy Costa Rica’s stunning scenery from the water.

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The great thing about inshore Costa Rica fishing vacations is it can be done any time of year and in any part of the country. Whether you are traveling to the rain forest of the south pacific or the dry tropical forest of Guanacaste, inshore fishing is an easy and affordable way to get on the water and enjoy Costa Rica’s world class fishery. Instead of making long runs to new offshore fishing grounds, inshore fishing is done closer to the shoreline with your average run time between 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Many of the species you will be targeting are both on many anglers bucket list as well as make great dinner fare. On any given day, you can catch grouper, snapper, corvina, amberjack, mackerel, jack crevalle and the prized roosterfish. All of these species are perfectly suited to inshore fishing due to their aggressive feeding habits and smaller size.

Most tour companies offer all- or half-day excursions and even inexperienced anglers will most likely return to shore with at least a few fish due to their abundance in Costa Rica’s waters. However, one of the main attractions of inshore fishing, particularly among novices, is that this type of angling requires much simpler equipment than offshore or sportfishing, making it the perfect choice for people who might not have been fishing before.

In addition to the easier experience, it also tends to be more action packed vs. traditional trolling for bill-fish offshore. This is great for the novice angler who may feel discouraged or bored on the longer offshore days.

If you are looking for the perfect way to enjoy Costa Rica’s world class fishery, but don’t want spend your day trolling and would like to catch something for dinner, give inshore fishing a try and we are sure you will be hooked!

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