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Our Travel Experience Team is here to help! This kind of commitment to personalized customer service is hard to find. Read on for their best stories.

Have you ever had a vacation take a wrong turn?
Hey, it happens to even the most savvy of travelers. When you book your vacation with us, you have a seasoned team of service experts in your corner. While you are in the country, we’re on call to help you out of any pickle. We are your concierge, your fixer, your local guide. We serve as your single point of contact, from the minute you arrive until you’re safely back home. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that no issue, large or small, will spoil a great trip.

What Do We Do?

We’re on call, 24/7, to resolve any issues that may arise. You can connect with our Experience Team for anything you need: restaurant reservation, travel tips, or last-minute changes to your trip. Here are some recent stories about how our Experience Team went above and beyond.
“Safe” Keeping
While on a hike during the last day of their vacation, one family was so mesmerized by Costa Rica’s stunning nature, they nearly missed their flight home. They rushed back to their hotel, packed in a hurry, and jumped into their airport transport. But in the commotion, they left their passports and boarding passes locked in the hotel safe.
And the safe key was with them!
They called our service team in a panic and we sprung into action. The good folks at El Silencio Lodge took the safe out of the wall. Literally.
Mauricio—the day’s hero—personally delivered the safe to our clients at the airport. He arrived minutes before their flight boarding time. Thank you Mauricio for saving this vacation!

Where’s My Wedding Dress?
Rachel and Pat planned their perfect destination wedding in Costa Rica. Rachel organized the whole affair to the last detail. They were careful to fly in 2 days before The Big Day in order to decompress before the wedding.
They arrived in Costa Rica, but soon realized that the airline had lost Rachel’s luggage. And inside her suitcase was her wedding dress! Assured that the bag would be located and brought to them the following day, the couple continued on to the Arenal Volcano.
1 Day until Wedding: Still no wedding dress. Rachel was beginning to panic. So she called our Experience Team and we jumped into action. We contacted the airline, tracked the lost luggage, and were promised a wedding dress to the bride by 7pm.
8pm, still no luggage. 
We attempted to contact the airline office, but no answer -- the counter was closed for the night. We finally got through to the lost luggage counter and were told that Rachel’s suitcase had left the airport at 6pm and that it would arrive the next morning.
Wedding Day, 7am: With only a few hours to spare, the dress arrived at the hotel as promised. At 9am, Rachel and Pat had a beautiful intimate ceremony at Nayara Hotel and Springs. Bonus: they have a wedding story they’ll never forget!

For more examples of our Experience Team’s heroic service, see our client reviews.
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