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Get To Know Our Travel Planners

Our team of local expert Costa Rica travel planners design custom trips for every single guest. Living and working full-time here in Costa Rica means that we understand the country, including its quirks, intimately. This exceptional group of independent travel planners was also handpicked for their belief in sharing Costa Rica with the world.
We believe that everyone has a unique “travel personality”, so one-size-fits-all packages are something we DO NOT offer.
Instead, we get to know our customers, then match them up with the destinations, hotels, and activities that we think will delight their individual tastes. It is this prideful craftsmanship and total commitment to guest satisfaction that makes our vacations unforgettable.
Local Experts

We live, work & travel in Costa Rica.

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Every trip is designed for you.

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5,000+ reviews from dazzled guests.

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