Best Places to Stay in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

Best Places to Stay in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica


The community of Las Catalinas was founded on the idea of “new urbanism,” which is all about living in an environmentally-friendly, car-free way. The homes, hotels, and businesses are inspired by Italian and Mediterranean designs and are connected by walking and biking paths connecting to plazas. 
All the hotels and rentals in Las Catalinas come with access to community amenities, such as 24-hour security, wifi, a spa, a concierge service, a lap pool, an adult pool, a hot plunge pool, a kids pool, lounge chairs, a restaurant, a cocktail bar, and a fitness room. There is also a beach club you can access for an added fee.
Las Catalinas rentals vary greatly. There are small apartments, larger homes, and mid-sized townhouses. There are also two boutique hotel options to choose from. No matter the size of your group, you can find a great vacation rental or hotel here. 

FAQs About Best Places to Stay in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica


Which is better: Playa Flamingo or Las Catalinas?

Do you prefer many restaurants and stores or a retreat away from cars and towns? Flamingo offers access to many more restaurants and shops, but there are a few restaurants and stores at Las Catalinas. 
The towns are about 20 minutes from one another so you could stay in Las Catalinas and enjoy Playa Flamingo and vice versa. 
Las Catalinas is quieter more laid back, with no cars or rushing about. It's easy to stay there and Flamingo, Conchal, Tamarindo, and other beach towns for dinner, shopping, or a night out. 

Where can I stay if I’m traveling to Las Catalinas for a family-friendly vacation? 

Nearly all of the rentals in Las Catalinas are family-friendly. The only adults-only place is the hotel Casa Chameleon. You can stay with the family at the other hotel, Santarena, or one of the fabulous vacation rentals, which give access to many amenities, including a kids’ play pool. 

Is Playa Danta, Costa Rica nice? 

The breathtaking blue of the water and the slight breeze off the ocean will have your whole body relaxed in no time. The beauty of Playa Danta is something spectacular. Another lovely beach, Playa Dantas, is just a short hike from there. 

Can you swim at Playa Danta? 

Yes. There are soft waves and it's an excellent snorkeling spot. You can see small reef fish and colorful crabs. Boogie boarding is also popular at Danta, which is geared towards families and rarely crowded. 
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