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One of the premiere ecotourism destinations in the world, Monteverde is famous for its cloud forest, as well as the stunning diversity of the plant and animal life that can be found among the lush jungles of the region.

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Peaceful Comfort at Hotels Near Monteverde, Costa Rica

Being snuggled up with a blanket and a loved one by a fireplace may seem out of place when thinking about Costa Rica vacation. Still, that cool comfy feel is an option here, if you spend some time in the cloud forest, where it gets cold at night.

Few places in Costa Rica are as beautiful as Monteverde. This is one of the country’s most rugged and isolated parts. Isolation, however, doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the amenities one might expect at luxury hotels in Costa Rica. It means that in addition to that luxury, there is a sense of serenity that only being in nature can provide. The air feels different here. Taking a deep breath here is like breathing in pure happiness.

The hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica that we chose to work with have a perfect mix of natural surroundings and luxury amenities. The perfect equation for a splendid stay in the cloud forest.

More About Monteverde Cloud Forest

Monteverde is a paradise for naturalists and birdwatchers. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve has some of the most interesting flora and fauna imaginable. Monteverde cloud forest is set on the continental divide, where the Pacific and Atlantic slopes meet. The biodiversity found here is so unique. The Aguti Wildlife Refuge and Curi-Cancha Reserve have acre after acre of interesting trees, plants, mosses, and flowers, plus over 200 bird species, including 91 migratory species. Monteverde is home to over 120 amphibians and reptiles, 100 mammals, 3,000 plants, and tens of thousands of insects. Some of the animals you may see here include tapirs, wild pigs, agoutis, coatis, ocelots, and, get this, 490 species of butterflies!

There’s also a butterfly museum and garden to see both preserved and live butterflies. Then there are the orchids. Monteverde has more types of orchids than any other part of the world. The Orchid Garden gives you a look at many of them and even gives you a magnifying glass to see some of the most fascinatingly tiny species of flowering orchids. You don’t want to miss seeing the frog farm, snakes at the serpentarium, hummingbird garden, or the bat jungle either! The bat jungle is an amazing way to see these cute creatures up close and get to know about them by a very knowledgeable staff.

Monteverde’s big draw is nature, so when you’re thinking about tours, you likely have in mind a hike through the biological reserve or the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Or, maybe, a nighttime wildlife tour (many animals are more active at night), but Monteverde is also an adventure hotspot. It’s second only to Arenal in terms of heart-racing activities in Costa Rica.

It’s a great place for experiences like horseback riding or ziplining. The longest and highest zipline in Central America is here. Hanging bridges, a tarzan swing, rappelling, hiking are all activities you can enjoy. Additionally, it’s home to the highest bungee jump in all of Central America. You could also take some gastronomical or cultural tours. Learn about how they make coffee, chocolate, cheese, and ice cream. Stop at the local women’s handicraft cooperative for some souvenirs after the cheese and ice cream tasting, as it’s nearby.

No matter whether you come here to experience the sights and sounds of untamed nature or the exciting thrills above the canopy, you are in for a treat. Monteverde is an unforgettable place.

Getting to Monteverde Hotels

Getting to and staying in Monteverde isn’t for everyone, but for a certain type of traveler, nothing beats it!

Roads are not the best side of Monteverde so we highly recommend using private transfers. Spending hours driving on rough roads isn’t anybody’s idea of a good vacation. Our drivers know the area well and will stop for a snapshot whenever you see fit. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax, enjoying the views and your time with loved ones.

Nature is king here and it can show many unpleasant faces. It can be cold, cloudy, and wet. It is a cloud forest after all. However, if the thought of wearing a jacket doesn’t bother you and the idea of looking down over the clouds intrigues you, you’d like it here.

Santa Elena is the town nearest Monteverde. It’s 4,600 feet above sea level. It offers basic services, souvenir shops, and a few restaurants. The best thing it offers is a number of living museums. There are specialized places to see frogs, snakes, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Monteverde has a few restaurants scattered throughout the town. You should get the quiche at Stella’s Bakery and the ravioli at Tramonti, an excellent (and beautiful) Italian restaurant.

“Eco-friendly” and “sustainable” are more than words on a page here because Monteverde hotels bring the green philosophy to life . That’s why all the eco-travelers out there appreciate this destination.

If unaltered nature in the tropical forest is something you want to experience, then this is the perfect place to come! Many people just keep coming back for more, as this true nature oasis keeps up its reputation!

Hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica are nestled in the hills surrounding the Monteverde Reserve. They have on-site nature trails through the pristine cloud forest for you to enjoy.

Best Hotels in Monteverde

Below you can find a list of the best accommodations we recommend to our clients. There are many Monteverde Costa Rica hotels, but these three are tried and true.


The first one is Senda Monteverde. Senda Monteverde is located at the foot of a mountain in this spectacular cloud forest. The silence here, in this tranquil hideaway, is only broken by the sounds of nature. There are just a few rooms and villas at this boutique, so you’ll have privacy but it’s not too far from town, just about a 15 minute walk.

The property is 30 years old but was recently remodeled. It’s now stylish in addition to comfortable, and green too! This hotel is so dedicated to sustainable practices that it even gives sustainability tours. Its restaurant is responsible too. The chef uses sensitively and locally sourced produce. Among the many delicacies there, they make home-baked bread paired with hand-made nut butter. They also make some of the best fruit chutneys. Breakfast is included.

On the property, there are delightful gardens to relax in. They’re so beautiful and picture worthy. The windows showcase the forest and gardens, and, on a clear day, some have views of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll want to take a camera with you at all times. The forest around this property has so many surprises you may stumble upon, like coatis, colorful insects, and monkeys. Rubber boots are complimentary so you can more comfortably explore the forest.

The property also has a playground for the kids and a multi-purpose room. Her you can join yoga and meditation classes and cultural lectures. There are also classes to learn cooking, cocktail making, and Spanish. There’s also a concierge service for anything you might need.


Next up is Belmar Hotel, a family owned eco-boutique that sits on nine acres of cloud forest. It’s trails go past a stream, waterfall, lookout, and pond. Be sure to check out the vegetable and herb gardens and the swan lake with sundeck. You might even venture to the nearby Cerro Amigos, the highest mountain in the region.

Belmar Hotel is committed to the environment and has achieved the highest available Certificate for Sustainable Tourism.

There are nine chalets that have been recently renovated, inspired by the Austrian Alps. They have ample balconies and impressive views. It’s easy to practice birdwatching from your own terrace where you’ll see the mountains and the Nicoya Peninsula.

The rooms have either a king sized bed or two queens, orthopedic mattresses, and quality linens. The furniture is locally crafted and hand-carved. There are slippers, bathrobes, and organic toiletries provided. Some rooms come with an open-concept bathroom with a Jacuzzi that overlooks the tree canopy.

There’s an on-site bar, restaurant, and business center. There’s also complimentary WiFi.

Poco a Poco Hotel is another Monteverde hotel offering a family-run boutique ambiance. It’s a cozy, restful place in the hills, with views of gardens full of beauty. Keep an eye out for the resplendent quetzal. The quetzal is easiest to spot in March and April as this is its breeding season. It’s identified by its extremely long tail feathers. Another big draw for birdwatchers is the three-wattled bellbird, a very unique looking creature.

The hotel has a fitness facility and a spa. It also has a covered pool and swim up bar as well as a restaurant and bar that has live music some nights. It makes typical Costa Rican food as well as some international favorites. Wireless internet and kids activities are provided at this hotel.

Call or email us to get more tips on this incredible destination, and find out more about what hotels to book in Monteverde.

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