Casa Chameleon Hotel

Adults-Only Luxury and Beachfront Seclusion



Rate per night from $575

‘Casa Chameleon’ is perfect for:

Couples and small groups looking for a relaxing and luxurious getaway by the beach.

Arrive to Casa Chameleon after a 45-minute drive from the Liberia airport, in Guanacaste. There, perched on a hill and overlooking the ocean, is Casa Chameleon. This secluded boutique hotel believes in showcasing the best of Costa Rican culture, food, and nature in an adult-only setting. Its detail-oriented service and panoramic views have also been featured on CNN’s Destination Costa Rica.

What to Expect at Casa Chameleon

  • Incredible views of the Pacific ocean. Truly an advantage at Casa Chameleon.
  • Privacy and tranquility. This is a place to unwind and relax.
  • Great food. The on-site restaurant offers the best of Costa Rican food.

What NOT to Expect at Casa Chameleon

  • Resort feel. This is a boutique hotel, aiming for quietness and wellness.
  • Digital entertainment. To help you disconnect, there are no TVs, but there is complimentary WiFi across the place.
  • Total isolation. The hotel is secluded and private, but it’s right next to a beach town and is within minutes of adventure tours and other activities.

Casa Chameleon is the first hotel to open in Las Catalinas, local beach town. Adults of all ages can truly sit back and relax here. With modern and fresh luxurious designs, this hotel tries its best to get rid of your worries so you can enjoy your time. Explore tropical forests and the town, and create beautiful memories of spectacular sunsets and warm waves.

The Best of Casa Chameleon’s Sunsets

Certainly, one of the main attractions of the hotel is its panoramic views of the Pacific ocean. Casa Chameleon’s design follows the slope of the hill, but all those steps are worth the experience. The hotel blends into the surroundings, allowing you to see the horizon from almost anywhere in the facilities. The clear sky line and the deep blue ocean fuse almost imperceptibly in the distance, and you are a part of it all.

Villas are also divided between the sunrise and sunset sides, but they all let you admire the view from your room. Lounge at your own private, salt-water plunge pool as you watch the sun come down. Alternatively, wake up to the sounds of waves in the warm mornings. However, the best show is at the on-site restaurant. The open dining area overlooks the west, and the most beautiful oranges and pinks can be seen from there.

The beach is also a good place to experience the colors of sundown. A couple of minutes on foot separate you from the cove at the feet of the hill. It is called Playa Danta, which means Tapir beach, and it has a smaller “sister” beach, called Playa Dantita, or Little Tapir beach. To have first-class view of sundown, spend an afternoon exploring, playing in the waves, or sunbathing at these beaches, and then slow down to admire the sun setting. If you want to bring it up a notch, rent a Catamaran tour and sail into the ocean to see the sunset from there, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the sea.

Any way you choose to spend your evenings, Casa Chameleon is a great option to experience spectacular sundowns.

The Utmost Attention to Detail

Although the hotel has a privileged location, it is its attention to detail what brings out the best of the experience. Casa Chameleon’s approach to comfort is dual, involving both luxury and authenticity. With modern and minimalist furnishings, rooms keep an atmosphere of indulgence while still allowing space to breathe. Since the hotel offers a boutique experience, the crowds of bigger resorts are not a concern here. This is an area to let your hair down and be yourself, as everything is taken care of.

As part of their effort to provide guests with the best possible experience, staff is always present and available throughout the day. Their local knowledge and service help maintain the hotel’s ultimate lifestyle. Encounter the famously warm welcome of traditional Costa Rican hospitality. Get pampered and enjoy the hotel’s amenities, including a private plunge pool in your room to refresh those early mornings. There are also some special weekly activities, like yoga sessions, that you can opt to take as well. This hotel truly helps you stop, take a breath, and tune yourself with the natural environment and vibrant life around you.

The on-site restaurant, Sentido Norte Restaurant & Lounge, upholds the values of traditional Costa Rican kitchens as well. Savor coastal gourmet dishes made with local and organic produce. Freshly made and served in good portion sizes, food is another attraction of the hotel. There are options for all three meals of the day, and almost every night different specials are offered for dinner. Make sure to try the octopus and mussels dish, as well as the Tico breakfast with rice & beans, plantains, cheese, and tortilla. Both showcase some of the best flavors from traditional Costa Rican food, and don’t be surprised if you end up licking your fingers afterwards! In addition, fries are famously delicious, so ask for some if you’re feeling peckish. Enjoy calm meals with the sounds and views of the sea at the open-air dining space.

Once you have satisfied your hunger, splash at the hotel’s zero-edge infinity pool. The ocean occupies the center stage during your stay here, and this pool demonstrates it. The water edge becomes almost invisible against the scope of the sea, as they seem to blend together in the horizon. At sundown, fire pits are lit to create an intimate, peaceful atmosphere. Relax in the salt water and admire the view while you sip a specialty cocktail from the bar.

Since the ultimate goal is to unwind in this secluded area, no TVs or night entertainment are currently available at the hotel, but you become so invested in the surrounding natural beauties that you’ll find there’s little time to worry about that.

Discover Costa Rica’s Rich Life

The hotel keeps you comfortable, the sunsets inspired. But Casa Chameleon also wants you to go out and explore the area. Discover the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica and immerse yourself in the local life. Las Catalinas is a select beach town, and it offers a variety of restaurants in case you want to try more styles. There are also some shops you can try, and go out exploring the place. The beach at the end of the hill is of course a gorgeous attraction, but there is more to do here than spending a leisurely day relaxing your worries away.

For those adventure seekers, there is plenty to do. Swim in the warm waters, paddle board across the swell, or kayak into the sea. Rent a surfboard for a day of sport, or if you want a more intimate view of Costa Rica’s waters, dive and snorkel along the edge to spot fish close to the ocean floor. Go on a fishing tour to test your ability against the local fish or gallop along the fine sandy beach on horseback.

There is also plenty to explore around the beach. With over 1,000 acres of tropical forest surrounding Las Catalinas, there is more to see across the hills and valleys. Casa Chameleon has access to 50 miles of both hiking and biking trails, direct from the property. Travel up and down around the area to see Costa Rica’s natural beauty. Go birdwatching or animal spotting, and try to see the scurrying iguanas, talkative parakeets, fearless magpies, and both white-faced and howler monkeys. If you want something with a little bit more of action, take a zip lining or rafting tour, and discover the thrills of treetops and sweet waters. Want to drive around? An ATV tour might be the perfect fit, and rush across roads and trails.

True appreciation for the natural environment is felt throughout every detail. This is particularly visible in the hotel’s good environmental practices. They only use non-toxic cleaning products, have water conservation procedures, and offer local and organic bath products. To repay even more the community, they organize cleanups for their staff to preserve the beach. If you want to give back to this wonderful community, ask about their program on how to help the local school.

Casa Chameleon is truly a place to unwind, admire stunning views of the ocean, and explore Costa Rica’s food, culture, and nature. If you want a taste of the country, come visit and enjoy.

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