Roosterfish Fishing in Costa Rica

The Best Rooster Fishing in Costa Rica

The roosterfish is one of Costa Rica’s most sought-after species, the target and prize of the most serious inshore fishermen.
Popular for both fighting ability and photogenic beauty, once hooked, this brazen and macho fish will try – and actually might be able – to out-muscle you.
While the average roosterfish in Costa Rica is about 20-40 pounds, roosters over 50 pounds are common and a good catch. A few monsters over 80 pounds are also landed every year.
The trademark comb-like dorsal fin is the most unique trait of the roosterfish, while two dark blue/black bands along its sides add to its style points.
Part of the drum family, it also has a sloping forehead and a very strong, bone-like jaw. The roosterfish is a predatory species, feeding on smaller reef and juvenile fish that it chomps up with a tight bite.
Inshore family fishing in Costa Rica roosterfish

How to Catch Roosterfish

There are many ways to catch a trophy roosterfish, but one, in particular, seems to always produce results.
Bump trolling a live bait around the reefs and outer islands is the single best way. Lookdowns, sardines, bonitas or blue runners are particularly good for roosters.
Roosters can also be hooked with poppers and jigs. Some anglers are even targeting roosterfish with the fly rod.
Whether you're a seasoned angler or just getting started, Roosterfish is a great bucket list choice. With the right guide, your chances increase, so let us help you with any advice and services you may need.

Where to Target Roosterfish

To wrestle roosterfish, head to the shallower waters of the Pacific Ocean, where they can be found from Southern California to the coast of Ecuador. 
Roosterfish are an inshore species, so they are rarely found at a depth greater than 200 feet.
In Costa Rica, roosterfish are found near the rocky islands, reefs, and pinnacles off the Pacific coast. They can also be targeted by surf casting or working the river mouths.

Roosterfish Season in Costa Rica

Roosterfish are caught all year-round in Costa Rica, so they don’t really have a season.
You can catch them all the way from Costa Rica's southern to northern Pacific coast throughout the entire year. As long as you have live bait and a good guide you're good to go when it comes to catching roosterfish.
If catching a roosterfish is on your fishing vacation bucket list, let us know. Our team of fishing experts will tailor-make an itinerary focused on your fish of choice.
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