Things to Do

Things to Do

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Costa Rica boasts a vast smorgasbord of things to do, promising lots of somethings for everyone. So whether you come to surf or to sightsee or to spot an endangered animal in the wild, Costa Rica strives to fulfill – and exceed – your expectations. And while you’re here, schedule some time to indulge in your dreams: rappel down waterfalls and rocky cliff faces; dig your toes into powdery white sand; dive with sharks, rays and octopi; and ride horseback down the beach at sunset. Give Costa Rica the chance to wow you.

  • Top Costa Rica Tours

    Top Costa Rica Tours

    For the utmost in convenience, choose a guided tour to your choice of adventure, leisure, sport or nature activity. Tour guides are highly trained and very skilled – their eagle eyes can spot a furry ball of sloth where you see only a...

  • Costa Rica Adventure

    Costa Rica Adventure

    In Costa Rica, adventure is the name of the game. From the adrenaline rush of a canopy zipline to the thrill of whitewater rafting, the country’s spectacular options are guaranteed to get your blood racing. And while the nation’s...

  • Explore Nature

    Explore Nature

    Though Costa Rica occupies just 0.25% of the world’s surface, scientists estimate that this biodiverse nation is home to an incredible 5% of all plant and animal species. For you, that means a spectacular concentration of birds,...

  • Activities


    Costa Rica blends raw, wild nature with a developed tourism infrastructure, offering the ideal balance of authentic flavor and convenience. For you, this means you’ll have your choice of almost any activity, anywhere in the country...

  • Leisure Activities

    Leisure Activities

    When you’re ready to relax to the melody of a rainforest or the crash of waves, Costa Rica’s spas, hot springs and other destinations are ready to comply. Boutique spas dot the nation, and skilled staff deliver unparalleled...

  • Sports


    In a land of outdoor wonders, physical activity takes center stage. Combine scenic sightseeing with exercise on half-, full- or multi-day mountain biking adventures. Test your balance – and your mettle – on your choice of surfing...

  • Entertainment


    Costa Rica is well known for its rainforests, oceans, volcanoes, and cloud forests, but it’s also a great spot for a round of Blackjack and a night of live music. The capital city of San José is the best choice for upscale shopping,...

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