Coffee Farm & Roasting Combo

Learn Everything About Coffee Growing & Taste Some Great Coffee!


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Your visit to the Coffee Farm begins by watching a demonstration on how to weave a picker’s basket using ‘bejuco’, a natural fiber that comes from a vine from the rainforest. This is a lost tradition that Down to Earth Coffee Farm are keeping alive by employing Orlando Brizuela, the only artisan left in the valley that still works this craft. Mr Brizuela will demonstrate to you how to weave the basket and you have the opportunity to try yourself.

After the demonstration you will be fitted with a traditional picker’s basket and led by your guide to the field where you will pick the coffee from the coffee plants. After, enjoy a cool glass of fresh made lemonade before walking 50 feet to visit the small nursery where the sprouts that renew the plantation are grown. As with the basket weaving and the picking of the coffee, you will be encouraged to work in the nursery, weeding and planting the sprouts for the new batch of baby coffee trees!

Then head to the “parijuelas” where the coffee is sun dried. You will turn over the coffee, select the very few bad beans in them and learn the importance of the drying process. Tío Ramón’s house is the next step in the visit. Built in 1930, this house is still home to original furnishings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While in the house, you will roast coffee in a 70 year old wood burning stove using a turn of the century hand roaster. After the coffee is roasted, you will grind the fresh-roasted coffee beans in a grinding machine dating from 1875.

The final stage prior to the tasting is the brewing of the coffee that you just ground and enjoy a sample of fresh brewed light, medium and dark roasts, plus coffee liqueurs and chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Depending on what you want to experience you can pick between ‘Visit to Coffee Farm’ or ‘Coffee Roasting’ tours, or do a combination of both!

What to bring: camera, rain jacket, sunscreen.

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