Medical Tourism

Costa Rica has become a top destination for medical tourism, drawing thousands of visitors annually for procedures like dentistry and plastic surgery. This trend is fueled by the country's exceptional healthcare and education systems, positioning Costa Rica as a leader in quality healthcare within Central America.

Hospitals and Clinics for Medical Tourism

In Costa Rica, several top-notch private hospitals and clinics cater to medical tourists seeking an experience similar to what they have back home. Located in the capital city of San Jose, some notable ones include:
Plus, there are many other specialized clinics and facilities that offer cosmetic, dental, plastic surgery, and other services. Private hospitals in Costa Rica accept a range of insurances, making it essential for visitors to ensure they have adequate coverage during their stay. While expenses are lower compared to healthcare costs in the United States, costs at private hospitals in Costa Rica are still relatively high. However, visitors can expect world-class healthcare in this renowned medical tourism destination.
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