Fish Species

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Here’s an overview of many great different Costa Rica fish species you can come across while going after deep water sea beasts, such as blue marlin, or fly fishing fresh water fish in Costa Rica’s rivers and lakes. Read everything about your favorites as we are sure these fish species in Costa Rica will not disappoint even the most experienced fisherman.

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  • Wahoo


    Wahoo are found all over Costa Rica, but they usually travel alone so catching one is always a challenge.

  • Snook


    Snook are found literally all over Costa Rica – from the Caribbean Coast to the Pacific Coast to the inland rivers and lagoons.

  • Machaca


    Machaca are one of the most aggressive and hardest fighting fresh water fish in Costa Rica, so much so they have earned the nickname “mini tarpon”.

  • Rainbow Bass

    Rainbow Bass

    Better known as ‘guapote’ here in Costa Rica, Rainbow Bass are the main target of freshwater anglers.