Ask Rodo! Costa Rica Travel Tips

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Welcome to Ask Rodo! Each week our very own Costa Rican Travel Specialist: Rodo Alvarez will answer as many Costa Rica questions from our website and Social Media as he can in ONLY 60 SECONDS! We get questions in every day on anything and everything regarding Costa Rica. So we thought it would be fun to respond to many of them on video each week so that everyone can learn more when it comes to Costa Rica travel.

What are the Top 3 Destinations in Costa Rica?
Is it safe to travel alone as a female traveler?
What’s the best way to travel with kids?

Is 2 days enough in Monteverde?
Where should I go in October?
What’s the best way to get to Los Sueños?

How long does it take to fly from Baltimore to San Jose?
What are the highest restrictions for zip-lining and the rafting tours?
What are the best sites and things to do for couples in Costa Rica?

Will it rain all the time in late June?
What are the most popular animals in Costa Rica?
What’s the best eco-hotel in Manuel Antonio?

Is it cheaper to travel in the Green Season?
Where’s the best place to go fishing in April?
Where’s the best beach for calm water away from surfers?
What’s the best spot for rainforest, snorkeling, and beach?

Do I need a passport for Costa Rica?
Is November a good time to travel?
Whats the best souvenir to take back from Costa Rica?
Who offers Whale Watching in the Osa Peninsula?

Where are the best places to dive on Costa Rica?
Which is the most happening beach spot?
Is it safe to drive and rent a car in Costa Rica?

Where is the best place to snorkel?
Which area offers the best luxury tents for families?
What is Costa Rica’s religion?

How do your custom Costa Rican Vacation packages work?