Kinkara Luxury Retreat

A Haven for Glamping & Wellness at the Foot of a Mountain.



Rate per night from $190

‘Kinkara’ is perfect for:

Groups, solo travelers, couples, and families who want an off-the-grid experience focused on nature and health at a boutique location.

Kinkara is a luxury wellness retreat that offers a communal glamping experience at the foot of the Talamanca mountain range, in the southern part of Costa Rica.

With Mount Chirripo in the background and encircled by lush gardens, this is the place to enjoy both nature and the comforts of modern hospitality.

What to Expect

  • Secluded location. Kinkara is all about disconnecting from everyday life to reconnect with the self and each other.
  • Gourmet dining. Organic and locally grown, each meal is an experience of Costa Rican flavors and international standards.
  • Immersive experience. Nature is all around you.

What NOT to Expect

  • Complete isolation. Each tent provides a safe space, but the communal aspect of Kinkara is a highlight of your stay, so everyone is in close proximity.
  • Nightlife. The city is far away and at night it’s only you and the sounds of the wild.

Kinkara is set on an 800-acre property, about 30 minutes by car from San Isidro del General. Deep into the countryside, this glamping retreat allows you to breathe fresh air while admiring the expansive views of the valley below.

Luxurious Tents in Gorgeous Gardens

Each of the 31 Lotus Belle tents has a peaceful atmosphere, with top-of-the-line amenities and rustic-inspired designs. Hardwood furniture, organic cotton linens, solar-powered lighting, hangers, stools, and complimentary WiFi are some of the highlights.

All the facilities are modern and well-crafted, including the lobby and restaurant. The tents are distributed in three areas, called villages, located within walking distance from each other.

The larger one is arranged around a beautifully-landscaped Mandala garden, while the other two, a bit smaller, are designed each to accommodate either couples or families.

In true camping style, rooms do not have A/C or en-suite bathrooms, but each village has its own bathhouse with luxurious finishings, about a 3-minute walk from the tents.

A special treat is the complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and soaps provided for you to enjoy a rejuvenating bath in the outdoor/indoor showers. These products are all organic as well. To get here at night, make sure to carry your flashlight to walk safely through the gravel path.

Outdoor Adventures and Farm-to-Table Meals

Kinkara Luxury Retreat is all about enjoying the outdoors, and in such a large property there is plenty to do.

Around the tents, the gardens, forests, and views of the city of San Isidro inspire your mind to rest, but also to explore.

For an easy-going activity, there is a fire pit to chat at night, and there is also a Temazcal where you can relax and have treatments to cleanse your skin. For a mild but invigorating activity, the yoga pavilion overlooks the mountain range to help you get in the right mindset.

If you want something more active, the creek nearby has a swimming hole, and after a half-hour hike through a trail, there is also a waterfall with another swimming hole to dip in. Horseback riding, birdwatching, and even a tour along the property’s eco-practices are possible.

This respectful approach to nature is something that takes Kinkara to a different level. Water is obtained from the mountain above, energy is 100% renewable (as is most of Costa Rica’s electricity), and most food is also grown on-site. Whatever they can’t grow is locally sourced.

Dinner is served at Casa Bulú, where the farm-to-table menu provides both international and Costa Rican dishes. Each meal is an experience of its own as all guests sit and share both seats and food, like a big family. For a refreshing drink, make sure to try the retreat’s kombucha at the bar.

If glamping is the way you dream to experience Costa Rica, contact us and we’ll be happy to organize the vacation of a lifetime!

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