Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort

Art, Nature, Coffee, and Spectacular Scenic Views—a Perfect Getaway for Travel Connoisseurs.



Rate per night from $280

Finca Rosa Blanca is perfect for:

Romantic Retreats, Honeymoon Getaways, and Culture and Nature Family Holidays

For the last 30 years, Finca Rosa Blanca has been defying a popular view of luxury and ‘green’ being non-compatible. It started with modest beginnings of a dream-come-true family home, built in the highlands of Costa Rica’s Central Valley. However, the inn kept growing, slowly but steadily over the years. Nowadays, it amounts to an award-winning, 14-bedroom eco-luxury hotel and coffee plantation—the life’s work of Glenn & Teri Jampol.

If asked, they will gladly share details of this eco-sustainable wonder and how it came to be. The devil is in the details, as the saying goes, and Finca Rosa Blanca has plenty of those, all designed and put in place for your enjoyment. They are something that makes this boutique hotel stand out in the crowd of ‘overnight stays close to the airport’. The one regret most visitors have is that they didn’t book more nights! So why would you pick Finca Rosa Blanca over dozens of other hotels in this area?

Unique Architecture & Artwork with Stunning Vistas as a Backdrop

Admire the singular design of the main lodge—equally from the outside or once you set your foot in it. This unique structure is comprised of 11 distinct rooms concentrated around a high-ceiling atrium. This well-lit and cozy interior shows off a beautiful hand-painted fireplace as its centerpiece. All rooms have original designs (square corners are almost non-existent!) and feature punctuated vistas of the Central Valley from their own secluded balconies and patios. In addition to the main building, there are three more suites, spread out among lush gardens below it.

Enjoy the carefully placed art throughout the property. The extensive collection consists of paintings, hand-painted murals, wooden sculptures, and wrought iron. The exquisite woodwork in the original home organically ties together other details of the interiors and has a quite unique origin. Listening to Glenn sharing the story will have you appreciate these details even more. Hand-painted murals in each room are a result of the art exchange between him, an established artist back in the US, and Oscar Salazar, locally based author.

The Inner Workings of an Organic Coffee Plantation at Your Feet

Sequential acquisition of the surrounding coffee fields over the last three decades now adds up to 30 acres of land owned and operated by strict ‘green’ standards of Finca Rosa Blanca. Current annual production is ten tons of shade grown organic-style coffee. This is NOT the same taste as your regular industry standard! A must-do tour at Finca Rosa Blanca is the 2.5-hour visit of the coffee plantation. Learn everything about how the coffee is grown, cared for, harvested, processed, and roasted. The tour ends with ‘cupping’ back at the restaurant (tasting different mountain brews). This is one of the best regions of the world for growing premium blends, and you are in for a treat. Even avid coffee lovers will leave with a more refined palate!

Nature Reserve with Abundant Wildlife & Birdwatching Opportunities

Birdwatchers are in for a surprise, too. More than 120 species of tropical birds reside in the surrounding hills, slopes of the dormant Barva Volcano. Be prepared to reach the new record of daily sightings here! Manolo Muños, a guide with more than 20 years of experience in this area, is always there to help the magic happen. Exploring Barva Volcano, just 20 minutes away, will have you experience the tropical cloud forest flora and fauna. The imaginary line of the continental divide passes right through it! Also nearby is the mighty Poas Volcano, boasting the second largest crater diameter in the world, and nothing short of stunning views.

El Tigre Vestido Restaurant: Farm-to-Table Concept at its Finest

We have good news for food lovers. The slow food concept is finally overtaking the restaurant scene in Costa Rica, making it an exciting new food destination. Artisan eateries are popping up across the capital (and countryside!) with El Tigre Vestido (‘Fancy-Dressed Tiger’) ranking high among them—and for a good reason.

Gustavo Alvarado, a locally based chef with international experience, is a new addition to the Finca Rosa Blanca’s team. His 17 years of culinary experience in renowned restaurants across the US (NY Carmelo’s, anyone?) and passion for all things organic are crowned in Latin fusion meal tasting events that can be requested here ahead of time. The daily menu is not far behind either! It’s seasonal and filled with fresh ingredients that are either grown on site or purchased from small organic and local independent farmers.

A Goal that Many Attempt but Few Achieve: 100% Eco-sustainable

Finca Rosa Blanca is a proud holder of the Costa Rica’s highest award for sustainable tourism—five ‘green leaves’ with an unparalleled 100% score on the CST.

The transformation of an empty motocross field into a reforested eco-paradise took a lot of hard work. We are happy to say that maintaining it with such diligence and attention to detail is recognized, both by the guests and the community. Glenn is a leading figure in domestic eco-tourism organizations, and his pioneer work is accepted as a cornerstone of Costa Rica’s eco-sustainable efforts.

Relaxation and Luxury in Harmony with Nature

Unwind by the spring-fed infinity pool, set amidst lush tropical gardens. A 12-foot cascade waterfall flows off the upper deck, with perfect setting of hot tub under a vine-covered pergola.

Targola, the on-site spa, features a professional therapist’s services including a range of massage techniques (like organic coffee scrubs, yum!), holistic and body treatments, facials, and full spa packages. Yoga and tai chi classes are available. as well.

What to expect:

  • Outstanding service.
  • Quirky design and attention to details.
  • Exquisite meals with ‘farm-to-table’ concept.
  • Great selection of both on-site and off-site activities.

What NOT to expect:

  • One-night stay in a generic hotel room near the airport.
  • TV sets or A/C units in the rooms (fans and naturally cooler climate make up for it!).
  • Convenience of a downtown location.
  • Being out and about, while hotel room is just for a sleepover. This is a destination hotel.


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