Superbowl 2016 Client Party

Superbowl 2016 Client Party group photo

Down here in Costa Rica we hosted our Superbowl 2016 Client Party for the 50th Superbowl! It was celebrated by our guests staying at the Los Sueños Resort! Drinks were flowing as the Panthers took on the Broncos. The room was fairly split and everyone had a good time as the Broncos, playing with Payton Manning took the game 24 – 10. There was plenty of laughs, lots of food and everyone had a great time meeting up with staff from our Sales Team, Marketing Team and our In-County Travel Experience Team. We even made sure to get some extra tours booked for the following day! Below are some highlights of a fun evening! To all those who turned up: we hope you had as much fun as we did!


Casa Pacific at Los Suenos
The Superbowl 2016 Client Party was hosted at Casa Pacific on The Los Sueños property.

The CRV Staff having a good time. Shay, Adian & Joan
The CRV staff having a great time welcoming guests. From left: Shay, Aidan and Joan.

Rebecca entaining guests outside.
Rebecca was entertaining outside!

The superbowl party had plenty of food for our guests.
Everyone enjoyed the food from the start!

Sunset at Casa Pacifica
As the sun went down the game got under way.

A family group at the CRV superbowl Party
There was plenty of space for everyone.

Repeat guests at the Superbowl party.
One of our most loyal guests: Rusty was having a great time watching the Broncos win!

Adam with a fishing group at Los Suenos.
Adam was entertaining on the top floor games room.

The CRV staff. Wanda, Aidan, Shay & Becca.
A group staff photo. From the left: Wanda, Aidan, Shay and Rebecca.

Justin hosting the party with guests.
It was a fun event all round with Justin (third from the left) being our host.

The CRV Staff. Yermi, Shay & Adam.
The CRV staff enjoying the game. From the left: Yermi, Shay and Adam.

Evening at Casa Pacific as clients head home.
At the end of the night everyone was dropped home for a good nights rest!

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