Client Appreciation Party at Reserva Conchal

We had great pleasure in hosting our 4th Client Appreciation Party at Reserva Conchal’ Beach Club on July 26th. Clients that were vacationing in Conchal, Coco and Tamarindo areas joined us for a night of sharing stories, drinks and laughs. We appreciate the trust that all our clients put in us when booking a vacation through Costa Rican Vacations and love to get feedback on any possible improvements we can do so your experience gets even better.

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-01.jpgWe want to say a big THANK YOU to Geary’s, Lenzini’s, Walston’s, Abernathy’s, Lanigan’s, Kramer’s, Fields’ and Ettinger’s families that joined us on Thursday night at the beach club and shared this great night with us. We had our camera crew on the spot to capture the highlights of the night.

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-02.jpgOur very own Partner Services Manager, Dereck Schlager chatting up two awesome ladies from Texas, Pam and Melonee

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-03.jpgThe Ettinger family share their thoughts with our CEO, Casey Halloran and Travel Consultant Becka Anderson

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-04.jpgThe penalty shootout, highlight of the night!

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-05.jpgLet the games begin!

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-06.jpgTravel Experience Team Manager, Claudia Salas is having fun with another group of clients

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-07.jpgAnd the kids are enjoying painting class

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-08.jpgMeanwhile, Adam Baker, our Audio & Video Specialist is taking one for the team!

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-09.jpgBecka is enjoying the company of her clients, the Geary family:

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-10.jpgTravel Consultant Brenda Todd is competing for the ‘best selfie’ photo, and the Fields’ sisters are happy to help!

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-11.jpgAdam hopes Tim Howard’s mask will help him defend the goal better. Good luck, Adam!

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-12.jpgAtmosphere is heating thanks to our awesome band

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-13.jpgClaudia and the Lenzini family swapping stories

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-14.jpgOur Business Development Director, Rob Harper giving a ‘Thank you’ Speech

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-15.jpgPartner Services Representative, Natalia Matamoros and Jennifer Lotz, Manager of Villa Buena Onda are joining Claudia and Derek in a toast

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-16.jpgAndy Goodling, Sales Team Lead, goofing around with Ettinger family

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-17.jpgAdam with his newly founded soccer team, tired and happy

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-19.jpgOur Sales Team Manager, Joan Borreli, listening to Mr. Ettinger’s impressions


20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-21.jpgHere are few more staff pics, we’ll start with Rob and Nati’s passionate discussion: Gotcha!

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-22.jpgCarolina Bello, Audio Visual Assistant joins Adam for a people watching break

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-23.jpgJustin de Boom, Travel Consultant sharing a story with Andy

20140726-cap-reserva-conchal-24.jpgApparently, there was some hula-hooping going on as well! And our Marketing Manager, Joel King was showing off his skills


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