Five Key Reasons to Choose Costa Rican Vacations

Why should you trust our agency to plan your trip of a lifetime?

Here are five key reasons you would plan and book your trip to Costa Rica with us. Okay, there’s actually  more than 15… But no worries! We broke it down in five main topics, so it’s easier to digest.

1. We Understand Your Expectations

2. “Custom” Is NOT a Buzzword

3. Planning: You Can’t Really Plan All This Yourself

— Inclusions that Matter
— Unbiased First-Hand Advice
— Quiet the Noise
— Avoid Mistakes…
— And Perfect Finer Details

4. Smooth and Secure Booking Process

— Guaranteed Best Pricing – and Exceptional Value
— Payment Plans
— Secure Payment Processing

5.While Traveling in Costa Rica…

— No Travel Nightmares
— Last Minute Adjustments and Insider Tips
— Superb Guides & Drivers
— 100% Confidence

1. We Understand Your Expectations

We may live in and frequently travel through Costa Rica, but we’re originally from the U.S., Canada and Europe.

We know how to match your expectations to Costa Rica’s offerings.

2. ‘Custom’ Is NOT a Buzzword

Everyone promises customization.

We actually do it. 

Our every trip is built from the ground up, based on your group, goals, and travel “personality.” Because, before we start planning, we get to know you. We’ll never force you to fit a generic itinerary; we’ll build one, just for you and from the ground up.

And that means thrilled travelers.

Whether you’re here for a quiet honeymoon or taking a multigenerational trip with little kids in tow.

3. Planning: You Can’t Really Plan This Yourself

Anyone can read a guidebook or book a hotel online.

Only we can build the kind of once-in-a-lifetime trips that earn rave reviews.

And, our reputation grants us access to activities and destinations you won’t find in travel guides or the itineraries from the other guys.

a) Inclusions that Matter

Our itineraries always include what travel websites and agencies often don’t:

  • required taxes,
  • registered bilingual guides,
  • meals (as stated in each custom itinerary),
  • the safest registered and insured transportation
  • bilingual, licensed drivers

We aren’t the most affordable but we are, unquestionably, the greatest value: When you break it down, no one beats us on attention to detail or the curated offerings. Let us prove it to you.

b) Unbiased, First-Hand Advice

The recommendations we make are our personal recommendations. We’ve paddled those rapids, strolled that beach, stayed at that hotel. Perhaps, even in the very room we recommend.

Because, before we recommend a tour, an accommodation, an attraction—we see, do, and experience for ourselves. And we never, ever sell something we don’t love.

c) Quiet the Noise

We machete through the jungle of Costa Rica travel info, filtering out the noise and misinformation. Say goodbye to overwhelm

d) Avoid Mistakes…

You work hard all year; your vacation shouldn’t feel like work, too. In fact, your vacation—beginning with planning—should be perfect. We help you avoid the common mistakes. Think:

  • Overcrowded destinations
  • No show drivers
  • Mismatched lodging standards
  • Planning a visit to a national park on its closed day

And that’s just the start.

e) And Perfect the Finer Details, Too

We pay attention to anything and everything that best suits your needs. (And all the stuff that doesn’t, too.)
As we plan, we consider:

  • Well-tuned trip tempo
  • Flawless logistics
  • A provider’s safety record
  • Well-matched accommodations standards

The details mark the difference between good and great.

4. Smooth and Secure Booking Process

We want you to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime without putting a major dent in your financial plans.


a) Guaranteed Best Pricing—and Exceptional Value

No markups, ever. And yes, your budget really does cover all this.

b) Custom Payment Plans

We offer our customers creative payment plans.

To secure your trip, you simply make an initial deposit. The remaining balance can be paid in monthly installments or other intervals that are most convenient to you.

This spreads the cost over an extended period right up to your departure date. For more information on this, please ask your Travel Consultant.

c) Secure Payment Processing

Our secure booking portal has the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry: We process bookings through a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider, so our processing, transmission, and storage of card data is guaranteed safe and fully secured.

Our systems are further secured by SSL certificates (to protect data in transit), firewalls, and regular systems scans.

5. While Traveling in Costa Rica…

a) No Travel Nightmares

We’re available 24/7, to resolve any issue—from that time your wedding dress got lost with your luggage, to that memorable day you left your passports in the hotel safe… and you accidentaly brought the safe key with you to the airport.

b) Last Minute Adjustments and Insider Tips

You can’t (and wouldn’t want to!) pre-plan every moment. So, while you’re here, feel free to reach out to our Travel Experience Team (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) for restaurant recommendations, tips on local events, and even last-minute changes to your itinerary.

c) Safety First

From our spotless transportation to our choice in adventure activities—only those with strong safety records, proper permitting, and redundant protocols—we prioritize your safety. And, unlike anonymous online travel sites, we’re a local name and a face. We stand behind our recommendations and products.

d) Superb Guides & Drivers

We’re choosy because we know you are, too. Our safe, English-speaking, and incredibly knowledgeable guides, drivers, and other in-country travel partners work to make every moment of your trip enjoyable.

e) 100% Confidence

We are absolutely confident in our local knowledge and our ability to help you build the best possible trip for your needs and goals. Go ahead—just try us! Our Service Guarantee.


Ready to start planning?