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Costa Rican Vacations is committed to delivering an unmatched travel experience so you can enjoy the stress-free, seamless vacation of your dreams.

A bit of an overstatement? Not really. We are a locally based agency that guarantees satisfaction of your travel experience 100%. We also have a 24/7 in-country support team which you can completely rely on when the unexpected occurs. (Remember those passports you forgot in the hotel safe? We’ll have someone get them for you just in time to catch your flight). We have been in the business for over 15 years, where every year our business grew as the relationships with our partners strengthened—and more importantly, satisfied clients were coming back for more.

More than 25,000 Happy Clients!

We like to keep the best company—our clients attest to being just that time and again. Each year, we deliver over 3000 custom tailored vacations to families, couples, and groups traveling to Costa Rica. Safety, transfers, and other technicalities are something our clients leave to us while they as a traveler can be immersed into local culture, exploring countless interesting things to do and having authentic experiences. It’s always fun to visit old friends in new and exciting places. And that is exactly how the story of Costa Rican Vacations began to unravel. You know, the buddy who knows the “insider secrets” and exactly what sort of things you like to do? When we set out to build the best travel agency in Costa Rica, our aim was simple: to treat each guest like an old friend.

We believe that everyone has their own “travel personality”, so one-size-fits-all packages are something we simply DO NOT offer. Instead, we get to know our customers, then match them up with the destinations, hotels, and activities that we think fit their tastes. It is this eye for detail and prideful craftsmanship that makes our vacations unforgettable.

Seamless and Easy Vacation Planning

Taking the stress out of vacation, be it planning, booking, or traveling, is what we do on a ‘day-to-day’ basis. Spend your time dreaming about your upcoming vacation and let us do the grunt work. You know what suits you best—share your preferences and interests with us, and we’ll piece together a vacation package you will cherish for years. We have 15 years of building relationships with our partners and more than 25,000 satisfied clients.

Our staff is a fun team of foreign expats and local Costa Ricans who live full-time in Costa Rica. We love our work and have the pleasure of regularly visiting all of the hotels we recommend. We take great pride in clients’ stories that continually highlight our dedication in creating the best possible vacation experiences.

One of our secrets of success is the strong, long-term relationships we have established over the years with our partners. A network of over 200 reliable businesses does not grow on a tree, especially when words like ‘reliable’ or ‘commitment’ don’t necessarily translate well across to the local culture. You can blame it on the weather or not, but Costa Ricans (Ticos) even have an expression for being late named after the nation—’Tico time’, which approximately translates to ‘I’ll be there anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours late’. Learning the ropes of doing a delicate business of travel, where time is of utmost essence, wasn’t a walk in the park. Still, we have been on the high end of that learning curve for quite some time now, aiding new establishments in getting on their feet along the way.

Our History

Our Costa Rican travel agency was started by chance when two recent college grads met in Costa Rica via a fateful “roommate wanted” ad way back in 1998.

As roommates, they found they shared a passion for travel (and cheap beer). In 1999, this led them to launch the company that would eventually become Costa Rican Vacations. With a pitiful amount of start-up cash, an unreliable dial-up Internet connection, and a large supply of Ramen Noodles, they put together an email newsletter offering Costa Rica travel tips. Soon thereafter, they began making reservations on behalf of their readers. Seeing an opportunity, they launched a boutique agency offering customized Costa Rica vacation packages.

Costa Rica Vacations Team

From such humble beginnings, today we have a staff of over 80 full-time professionals in three countries. The team is a truly multicultural family, with over 20 nationalities represented. Our loyal following regularly asks us for travel recommendations outside of Costa Rica, so we now offer tailor-made experiences to neighboring Panama and Nicaragua.

Our Location

Through our divisions, we are proud members of the Billfish Organization and the Panama and Costa Rica travel institutions. Are you looking for a Costa Rica job?  See what positions we have available.

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