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Costa Rica’s weather is defined primarily by its two seasons: dry and wet. Or, summer and winter. High and low. Whatever the name, the dry season is still dry and runs from about mid-November through mid-May. In mid-May, the rains begin and the wet, or green season picks up until mid-November. That is, except on the Caribbean coast, where the seasons are flipped and the driest months are mid-May through mid-November. Confused? Read on for answers.

  • Weather in Costa Rica

    Weather in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica weather overall is quite mild. The country is unique for having over a dozen micro-climates, all of which feature different characteristics. It's often said that because of this, weather in Costa Rica is absolutely...

  • Costa Rican Seasons

    Costa Rican Seasons

    Costa Rica has two seasons: dry season and rainy season. Unlike other countries with four identifiable seasons, Costa Rica’s proximity to the equatorial line, makes climate changes more drastic and half of the year the country has no...

  • Climate


    The climate of Costa Rica is almost as diverse as the landscape of this stunning country. Despite being less than 1,000 miles from the equator, Costa Rica has a range of different climatic conditions, some of which are affected by the...

  • Rainforest Weather

    Rainforest Weather

    Costa Rica is famous for its dense rainforests. These magnificent jungles cover much of the country and are home to an amazing array of exotic plant and animal life.

  • Cloud Forest Weather

    Cloud Forest Weather

    Although rainforests and cloud forests share many characteristics, weather is not among them. Cloud forests are distinctly different from rainforests in many ways, and this is most obvious by their climate.

  • When to Travel to Costa Rica

    When to Travel to Costa Rica

    The best months of the year to travel are May/June, July or November. May/June and November represent the "cusp" of the seasons...

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