Weather in Costa Rica

Weather in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica weather overall is quite mild.  The country is unique for having over a dozen micro-climates, all of which feature different characteristics. It’s often said that because of this, weather in Costa Rica is absolutely unpredictable. However that is not completely true; the weather is tropical all year long because of its proximity to the equator. The degree of humidity or dryness varies depending on what part of the country you’re in.

Unlike other countries with four established seasons, climate in Costa Rica can easily be divided into two seasons: rainy and dry. Rainy season which extends from May to November is also called winter by locals and is characterized for its constant showers and moderate rains. Dry season, or summer, goes from December to April and is the most popular time for travel because of the warm weather.

Weather can change from province to province (and sometimes from neighborhood to neighborhood!) however it never becomes too extreme or unmanageable. A light sweater and a raincoat will keep you safe during the winter, while shorts and a water bottle will get you through the summer.

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