Costa Rica Travel Tips

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If you’re looking for advice or Costa Rica Travel tips or tidbits about traveling to, in and around Costa Rica, you’ve come to the right place. From your biggest concerns, like which airline to fly, to the seemingly insignificant details that can make or break your vacation (do you really need five different types of sunscreen?), our experts have you covered. So grab your notebook and favorite pen, brew a cup of java (preferably Costa Rican!), and read up on what you need to know to plan a stress-free vacation.

  • Top Tips

    Top Tips

    The question is not so much “Why Costa Rica?” – although we’ll answer that, too! – but “How to choose?”. Though this Central American nation is small, measuring just 19,653 square miles (that’s smaller than West...

  • Travel Information

    Travel Information

    Whatever your question or concern, you’ll find the answer here: how to travel safe, tips for visiting with kids, when you should tip (and when you shouldn’t) – everything you need to know to pull off a worry-free, safe, and easy...

  • Ask Rodo! Costa Rica Travel Tips

    Ask Rodo! Costa Rica Travel Tips

    Welcome to Ask Rodo! Each week our very own Costa Rican Travel Specialist: Rodo Alvarez will answer as many Costa Rica questions from our website and Social Media as he can in ONLY 60 SECONDS!

  • Travel Around

    Travel Around

    Rental cars, shared shuttles, regional flights, private drivers, taxis, public buses – there are many ways to get around Costa Rica. For most visitors, a bit of this and a dash of that will do the trick – but which this and which...

  • Currency


    Costa Rica’s national currency is known as the colón (plural: colones), but dollars are widely accepted in tourist areas and other places around the country. But should you pay in dollars or colones? Where can you get the best...

  • Health Tips

    Health Tips

    You may have heard of Costa Rica’s excellent healthcare, but what does that mean for travelers? Will your health insurance work here? Do you need any shots or vaccinations before you go to Costa Rica? Can you drink the water? We’ll...

  • Tourism


    Welcoming more than a million visitors every year (that’s almost 25% of the country’s total population!), Costa Rica is one of the world’s hottest tourism destinations. You may have heard about dental and medical tourism. You’ve...

  • Flights


    Learn which companies fly to Costa Rica, where to find the easiest and most convenient connections, and how to get going once your vacation has reached its end.

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