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From your packing list (do you really need five different types of bug repellent?) to getting your cell phone to work in Costa Rica, proper planning helps preserve your sanity. Whatever your question or concern, you’ll find the answer here: how to travel safe, tips for visiting with kids, when you should tip (and when you shouldn’t) – everything you need to know to pull off a worry-free, safe, and easy Costa Rican vacation.


  • Embassies in Costa Rica

    Embassies in Costa Rica

    In the event of an emergency, consular officials can provide support, guidance and other assistance to help you. Here are some of the main embassies in Costa Rica:

  • Tipping and Gratuities

    Tipping and Gratuities

    Costa Rica has a very different approach to tipping than the U.S. However, while there are no hard and fast rules about gratuities in Costa Rica, there are some general customs that should be observed when traveling.

  • Tips for Women Traveling Alone

    Tips for Women Traveling Alone

    Although many people choose to visit Costa Rica with family and friends, the allure of this tropical paradise is hard to resist for solo travelers. Women heading to Costa Rica on their own should review these helpful tips to ensure they...

  • Senior Travel

    Senior Travel

    Costa Rica is an ideal destination for people who want to make the most of their retirement. With a little planning, retired tourists can experience everything this amazing country has to offer.

  • Travel with Kids to Costa Rica – Our Tips

    Travel with Kids to Costa Rica – Our Tips

    With a bit of preparation – plus a dose of good cheer and a heaping of luck – our tips on traveling with kids will take you round-trip from home to Costa Rica and back again. And what an amazing trip it will be!

  • Time Zone

    Time Zone

    Costa Rica is situated on Central America, and follows (along with Mexico, Guatamala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua) the North American Central Standard Time (CST) – 6 hours behind GMT.

  • How to Call

    How to Call

    Costa Rica has an international country code of 506 (the US country code is 1), and anyone calling Costa Rica from outside the country needs to apply this code.

  • Top 5 Hostels in San Jose

    Top 5 Hostels in San Jose

    Top 5 Hostels San Jose: 1. Tranquilo Backpackers Located in downtown San Jose, this famous hostel offers male, female and mixed common rooms, as well as private bedrooms. Steps away from some of the city’s best bars, restaurants and...

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