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Travel Around

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Rental cars, shared shuttles, regional flights, private drivers, taxis, public buses – there are many ways to get around Costa Rica. For most visitors, a bit of this and a dash of that will do the trick – but which this and which that? Our guide introduces you to the options, outlining the advantages (and disadvantages) of each method. So you can save time or money or miles – it’s your choice.

  • Public Transportation

    Public Transportation

    One of the most affordable ways to get around in Costa Rica is by taking a tourist bus. Although there is no national bus network, these buses head to practically every major destination in the country, and provide you with the...

  • Driving in Costa Rica

    Driving in Costa Rica

    Nothing beats the thrill of hitting the open road and exploring a new destination by car, and this is especially true in Costa Rica. Boasting some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, Costa Rica is the perfect place for an...

  • Car Rental

    Car Rental

    Because of the lack of street signs, reckless drivers and lack of proper highway signalization, it is not advised for first time travelers to rent a car and drive in Costa Rica.

  • Costa Rica by Shuttle

    Costa Rica by Shuttle

    One of the most popular ways to get around Costa Rica is by shuttle. These minibuses operate all over the country, and are an ideal and inexpensive way to see Costa Rica without the hassle of renting a car and navigating the back roads.

  • Taxis


    Whether you're heading from one side of San Jose to the other or embarking on a longer journey to a destination further afield, cabs are the perfect way to get from A to B.

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