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When we think of Costa Rica, we think rainforest, jungle, exotic animals, gorgeous pristine beaches, awesome ocean and raging volcanoes. The rainforest always has been and always will be mesmerizing. Those who visited one will never forget the first impression of awe upon entering the almost miraculous world of nature at its very best. The jungle speaks to us in more ways than one. The rain and cloud forests are the lungs of Planet Earth. The plants of the jungle provide us with cures for most illnesses known to man.

More than a quarter of the Costa Rica’s land consists of National Parks, Wildlife Refuges and Biological Reserves. This is why this country greatest attraction is this profusion of natural biodiversity. Costa Rica is home to the most extravagant exotic flora and fauna on Earth, and it is one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth; it is home to more than 10,000 species of trees and land. For such a small country, it is simply admirable. The green and lush forests of Costa Rica are teeming with wildlife, of which some are on the endangered species list; mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and insects are simply everywhere.

The rainforests of Costa Rica are the most pristine and preserved of the planet. It is home to the rare primary forests, and secondary forests.

When wandering in a rainforest there is a connection that takes place, a very special connection with Mother Nature. It is surprisingly dark, cool, and safe. The essence of the planet is there, unchanged, strong and fragile, enchanting and beautiful. The modern world and big cities suddenly cease to exist and nothing matters so much anymore.

In the forest live creatures that are yet to be named. They are the reminders of the extraordinary bio-diversity and microorganism of this planet. The silence of the rainforest is made of the chanting of the birds, insects and frogs, or of the cry of the monkeys. Maybe there is a stream nearby that ads to the music. The rasping of cicadas, so loud it is barely possible to stand it, in harmony with the whistle of wrens and ant birds, and the chattering of the parrots.

The rainforest are found in the foothills and in the lowlands on both sides of the mountain ranges, Atlantic and Pacific sides. Many destinations of Costa Rica have rainforest trails that can be visited in small groups with or without a guide. There are too many to mention however these should definitely be seen, whenever possible:

This is just a general list as alas there are too many too many to name. These rainforest are all easily located and accessed.

Activities in Rainforest