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Of Costa Rica’s 500,000+ animals species, some of the most famous are its 200+ mammal species. The nation’s mammalian friends range from the iconic – white-faced monkeys, sloths, kinkajous and coatimundis among them – to the critically endangered squirrel monkey and the endangered Baird’s tapir. And don’t forget Costa Rica’s oceans, which give refuge to 25 species of dolphins and whales, including humpback whales, spinner dolphins, orca whales, and bottlenose dolphins. Most visitors get to see at least one out of four monkey species found here, sloths and coatimundis. The really lucky ones will encounter a jaguar or Baird’s tapir while enjoying their Costa Rica vacations.

  • Monkeys


    Out of 250 species of primates in the world, 68 are in the Americas. It still remains a biological mystery how monkeys radiated to the New World. In Costa Rica there are only four species of monkeys, the Howler, the Capuchin, the...

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