Living in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica

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There’s a reason why so many people expatriate, retire to, or seek jobs in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is a celebration of life, of the “pura vida,” and many people happily find their forever homes in the nation’s cool mountains, bordering white-sand beaches, ensconced in sunny valleys, or alongside roaring rivers.Low-cost national healthcare, strong public education, and a balanced cost of living are also a strong draw to life in Costa Rica.

  • Study Abroad in Costa Rica

    Study Abroad in Costa Rica

    Study abroad programs in Costa Rica are hugely popular and so is teaching English. These opportunities provide thousands of students the chance to visit this incredible country and do something special. Find out how two of our staff got on.

  • Applying for Residency

    Applying for Residency

    In recent years, the number of Americans living in Costa Rica has risen significantly. Oftentimes, these expats are attracted to the country's affordability, warm weather and "pura vida" lifestyle. However, before you pack up and move...

  • Property Ownership in Costa Rica

    Property Ownership in Costa Rica

    Just like in the United States, Canada, and Europe, there are different types of property available to purchase, and understanding these various types is critical in the evaluation process. To help make your decision, the following...

  • Real Estate: Costa Rica Zoning Laws

    Real Estate: Costa Rica Zoning Laws

    The criteria for entering into either a concession or a management plan is based on the use of soil or zoning, which is determined by the corresponding government authority. Such authorities will divide real estate into several segments...

  • Teaching


    Costa Rica is an extremely popular relocation destination for people in search of a more relaxed lifestyle, however they find out that moving there isn’t as easy as the “pura vida” philosophy would have them think.

  • Volunteering


    Costa Rica is an exciting tourist destination with great beaches, rain forests, rivers and adventure. It’s also a developing nation that still has its share of poverty and still appreciates the art of “giving back”.

  • Protection of Real Estate

    Protection of Real Estate

    One of the greatest concerns of foreigners when purchasing real estate in a foreign country is to ensure that the transaction will be executed legally and that the system can ensure a lifetime use and protection of the property.

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