Leisure Activities

Leisure Activities

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When you’re ready to relax to the melody of a rainforest or the crash of waves, Costa Rica’s spas, hot springs and other destinations are ready to comply. Boutique hotels and spas dot the nation, and skilled staff deliver unparalleled treatments that will replenish your body and spirit, from four-hands massages and deep-cleansing facials to paraffin pedicures and full-body exfoliation – you name it, and you can find it in Costa Rica. Natural, volcano-fed hot springs are also a top choice for total relaxation, and the mineral-rich waters and volcanic mud are believed to have restorative properties that rejuvenate and enliven.


  • Visit to Hot Springs

    Visit to Hot Springs

    Natural stone and vibrant botanicals surround a natural pool that lies ensconced in a quiet forest. Mist rises off the water’s surface, evaporating into the tropical breeze. The only sound is the singsong of birds and your feet,...

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