How to Call

How to Call

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Costa Rica has an international country code of 506 (the US country code is 1), and anyone calling Costa Rica from outside the country needs to apply this code. If you’re calling from the United States or Canada you need to dial 011 first, which indicates that an international call is about to be made. Failure to do this will place your call to New Brunswick, Canada (area code 506)! Once you dial 011, and then 506, you just dial the number and you’re through.

So to call the Costa Rican Vacations office from the USA or Canada you would dial like this:

011-506-2296-7715. The international code of 011, then the country code of 506, and then the telephone number or 2296-7715. This is just an example – you should never need to call us from the States on this line as we have a US Toll-Free number that you can call just like any other!

Calling from outside the US or Canada is slightly different, in that the rest of the world has a different international code. This code is either 00 or the + sign (whichever you prefer or your phone can support). So if you were calling Costa Rican Vacations from Europe, say, you would dial like this: 00506-2296-7715 or +506-2296-7715.

Calling other countries from Costa Rica is exactly the same: 00 and then the country code (1 for the USA/Canada) and then the number itself.

Until extremely recently, all Costa Rican telecommunications was handled by one government-owned company, ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad) and this made it nigh on impossible to obtain a telephone line or for visitors cell phones to work in Costa Rica. Now, with the market opening up to Latin American telecommunication giants Claro and Movistar, things are easier. We can’t guarantee that your existing cell phone line will still work when you bring it to Costa Rica, but you CAN now buy a Costa Rican “pay as you go” SIM card that will give you a Costa Rican number for the duration of your stay. Progress!

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