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Costa Rica is well known for its rainforests, oceans, volcanoes, and cloud forests, but it’s also a great spot for a round of Blackjack and a night of live music. The capital city of San José is the best choice for upscale shopping, but the country’s beach towns, small cities and tourist destinations all offer great souvenir shopping, dining, and plenty things to do when the sun goes down. So whether you crave a night of dancing, a beachside cocktail, or live theatre, Costa Rica can deliver.

  • Best Beach Bars

    Best Beach Bars

    Costa Rica means Pura Vida. As everybody knows, Pura Vida can be best achieved sitting on a hot tropical beach with an ice cold beer. With almost 1,000 miles of coastline on both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of...

  • Shopping


    Souvenirs, crafts, clothes, accessories, and even the ultimate designer outfits are in Costa Rica. Shopping in the Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica gives many options, even so the top 5 places to visit are:

  • Costa Rica Nightlife

    Costa Rica Nightlife

    Depending on wherever you are and whatever you’re into, Costa Rica is sure to offer some sort of nighttime entertainment to keep you happy. Bars, lounges and restaurants are quite popular in cities like San José and Heredia, while...

  • Casinos


    Ticos love to have a good time, and this most definitely applies to flirting with Lady Luck. Costa Rica has more than 40 casinos nationwide, many of which can be found in the major hotels and resorts in popular cities like Puntarenas...

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