Costa Rican Seasons

Costa Rican Seasons

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Costa Rica has two seasons: dry season and rainy season. Unlike other countries with four identifiable seasons, Costa Rica’s proximity to the equatorial line, makes climate changes more drastic and half of the year the country has no rain, while the other half is full of storms, showers and tropical depressions.

Dry season is usually called summer, because it’s characterized by long periods of sunny weather. Because this season occurs during the cold winters of the North Hemisphere, Costa Rican summers attract thousands of tourists who flock to the beaches of the Pacific and Caribbean.

While the rainy season attracts less tourists, it’s unarguably the time of year when Costa Rica is most beautiful. Affectionately called “green season” by tourism experts, winter is the time of year when all vegetation starts to grow again and the country becomes richly green all over. While rain might put some people off, the temperature never drops under 10 degrees Celsius and a jacket and closed shoes will be more than enough to survive the winter.

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