Costa Rican Seasons

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Costa Rica has two seasons: the Dry Season and the Rainy Season, which is also known as the Green Season. Unlike other countries with four identifiable seasons, Costa Rica’s proximity to the equator makes climate change more drastic and so for nearly half a year the country has little, to no rain. While the other half is much wetter, especially during the afternoons where you can expect to thunder storms, showers and tropical depressions. This can be quite a spectacle.

The Dry Season is usually called summer, because it’s characterized by long periods of sunny weather ranging from the mid 80’s to the high 90’s depending on which part of Costa Rica you are foucsing on. Because the summer season occurs during the cold winters of the Northern Hemisphere, Costa Rican summers attract thousands of tourists annually who flock to the beaches of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

While the Rainy season attracts less tourists, it’s unarguably the time of year when Costa Rica is at its most beautiful. Affectionately called “The Green Season” by tourism experts, winter is the time of year when all vegetation starts to grow again and the country blooms into life and becomes incredibly lush. While rain might put some people off, the temperature rarly dips lower then 60 degrees, so a good rain jacket and closed shoes will be more than enough to enjoy the weather and the rich wildlife you can observe during this time of year.

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