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Rebecca Anderson

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Hometown: Casper, Wyoming

About Me: My interest in travel started on a school trip to Spain, I fell in love with the language & vowed to travel as much as possible. I now live on a small beach town on the North Pacific coast & try to take advantage of the warm weather here. I love active sports & stay busy playing in a soccer league, beach volleyball, sea kayaking, canyoneering, rafting & anything else that Costa Rica has to offer. My favorite daily activity is exploring the beaches of Guanacaste with my yellow lab at my side.

My Favorite Thing: Floating through a river canyon on a boat taking in the scenery as toucans fly above your head and herons fish on the river, passing by beautiful waterfalls coming out the side of the cliff thinking that you have never seen anything so beautiful & green! Then the ultimate adrenaline rush as you pass through raging white water and the thrill of making it through without falling out of the boat & the celebration afterwards!

My Top Tips: Try some Costa Rican food & restaurants, drink some of the local beer & to talk to the locals, you will find some of the nicest people you have ever met. Enjoy the incredible countryside & experience the rainforest, the beaches are beautiful but the rainforest is truly special. And finally embrace the laid back life-style of Costa Rica, nobody is ever in a rush & you can really relax & have a worry free vacation!

My Articles

  • Samara Beach

    Playa Samara is located in Guanacaste, along the Gold Coast of Costa Rica, on the northern edge of the Nicoya Peninsula. This inviting and picturesque little beach town has a welcoming international community, with a relaxing atmosphere...

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