Jeremy Clyce

Number of vacations we have planned: 21,233

Client Satisfaction:
4.81 / 5.0

Jeremy Clyce

Tel: 1-800-606-1860 (ext:1239)

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

About Me: I moved to Costa Rica after college (Communications Studies, Texas Tech University) & started a small jet ski tour company, selling it only to become involved in the real estate boom that Costa Rica has enjoyed for the past ten years. I've built & sold several vacation homes in the Manuel Antonio area. I am married & my wife is Costa Rican. We have a four year old daughter & currently we live in Heredia. Family life keeps me busy, but when I have time I enjoy fishing & riding my mountain bike.

My Favorite Thing: Whether you are in to sportfishing, high adrenaline water sports, nature or just relaxing at the beach there is something here for everybody. I personally enjoy just being at the beach with my family and having the chance to relax in the sun or slip in to the ocean to catch a few waves. Costa Rica is a paradise and I just feel lucky to have the the laid back lifestyle that is so prevalent here in sunny Costa Rica.

My Top Tips: My top traveling tip for arriving passengers to Costa Rica is to get to know the local culture when you can. Costa Ricans are very proud of their country & they are usually eager to show it to you. Be open to having the locals engage you when you are here. The Costa Rican people or 'Ticos & Ticas', as you might hear them call themselves, are fantastic & friendly people. Most importantly remember to relax. Life moves at a slower pace here & if you go with it you will have an amazing experience!

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