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Jelena Radic

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Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia

About Me: Having a background in visual art, videography & curatorial practice, the most rewarding life experience for me is visiting new places, soaking up nature & discovering its wonders, & learning about the local customs; sometimes with, sometimes without the lens in-between.

My Favorite Thing: Costa Rica allows experiencing diverse climates, cultures & spectacular nature, all in a very short distance to each other. With dense forests allowing shy, scattered towns in between, it shows its tameness & wilderness side by side. The relaxed, 'mañana' attitude of Ticos can teach you to stop worrying & enjoy yourself for a day.

My Top Tips: Try out some of the street food, like the green mango cut up in pieces that vendors sell packed in clear bags. It goes with salt, lime juice & chili - a mind blowing experience for the first-timers! 'Chicharrones' is a must for any carnivore out there... If locals are lining up to buy it, it's good food!

My Articles

  • Indigenous Art and Crafts

    Making local crafts is one of the few profitable economic activities Costa Rican indigenous tribes pursue. This ancestral heritage is more than just a manner to provide incomes.

  • Ticos — The People of Costa Rica

    With European, Afro-caribbean and South American influences, Costa Rica has become a true cultural melting pot. With over 4 million inhabitants, the country’s ethnic pool is mostly conformed by mestizos, castizos and criollos, as well...

  • Town of Montezuma

    The southern Nicoya Peninsula possesses two jewels – the beaches of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa and the community of Montezuma. Both are reached the same way, ferry and car or by plane to Tambor, and both take up the tip of the peninsula,...