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Adam Baker

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Hometown: Devon, UK

About Me: I came to Costa Rica in 2006 with my sister after graduating from Plymouth University studying Film and Design. I was working on a Conservation Project in the Monteverde Cloud-forest when I decided to stay and teach Soccer & Art at the local school. In 2008 I moved to the Central Valley and found Costa Rican Vacations. After working as a Travel Consultant for 3 years I finally moved into Marketing where I could continue my passion for film and design and show everyone how exciting Costa Ric is. 122

My Favorite Thing: I love the geographic diversity Costa Rica offers. From the tropical rain forests down to the exotic beaches, up to the mountains that exceed 12,000 feet. For me this diversity makes for exciting journeys every other weekend! It is clear why Costa Rica makes such a great vacation destination as it has something for everyone.

My Top Tips: Practice a little Spanish, although everyone speaks English as this will go a long way to making friends here. Make sure to visit a small Cayuga boutique hotel, as the service will be exceptional and you'll learn something you would otherwise not from a larger resort. Finally make sure to try a selection of 'Casados' for lunch. This typical dish includes a wide variety of local flavors including the traditional 'Rice & Beans'. The more local it is, the better it gets!

My Articles

  • Potrero Beach

    Potrero is a hidden jewel in the north-west of Guanacaste, named after the eponymous beach. This rural town embraces the old Costa Rican coast villages style and can be seen as a tranquil spot away from other touristy places.

  • ¡Pura Vida! Costa Rica Lifestyle

    The motto of Costa Ricans. Simply translated, it means “simple life” or “pure life”, but here in Costa Rica, it is more than just a saying—it is a way of life.

  • Semana Santa & Other Cultural Events

    Semana Santa, or Easter Holy Week, is a major Catholic holiday celebrated the world over. Costa Rica is no exception. Traditions run deep during this special week for Ticos (Costa Ricans), and everyone enjoys their much anticipated...

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