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We are a local travel agency with over 15 years of experience in customizing Costa Rica all inclusive vacations for discerning travelers. Take a look at our customizable packages:

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Going on one of our all inclusive vacations to Costa Rica is not like a trip to your standard Mexico beach resort package! You may ask, why?

Our Costa Rica all inclusive packages include:

  • VIP airport ‘Meet & Greet’ service that will whisk you through customs and airport without stress or confusion
  • Private, door-to-door transfers between airport and your lodging
  • Bi-lingual drivers that will give you tips about the destination you are visiting, stop for taking scenic photos, or souvenir shopping
  • All inclusive resort accommodations or meal-inclusive boutique hotels
  • Tours as stated in each individual itinerary
  • Private transfer back to the airport
  • 24/7 in-country assistance throughout your stay

Where to Go?

Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast, is the only destination with true all-inclusive hotels. It features several world renowned high-end hotel chains. With an international airport just 30 min away from the coast. Every season a few more hotels spring up, keeping the competition on their toes. Curiously, only a few offer true all inclusive options, but those that do—do it well. For all those that are looking for beachfront, big resorts, with a diverse selection of restaurants and no ‘top shelf’ restrictions on their all inclusive plans, this is the area you want to visit. Here you can relax, without the worry of running up a bill, just enjoying your hard earned vacation.

The rest of the country is known for eco-sustainable boutique hotels that offer a range of accommodations and inclusive options. Staying in them doesn’t necessarily mean you are left on your own when it comes to food and drink. If combined with adventure and nature tours—that are simply a must when visiting certain areas of Costa Rica—you will always be taken care of. However, you will need to be a little flexible with the ‘all’ part with any all inclusive vacation packages at these hotels.The Arenal volcano area is the most popular destination in the country. Here you can find hybrid-type of hotels—medium sized resorts to boutique hotels where you can enjoy certain amenities, but meals are not included. Still, they will have exquisite service and often great restaurants.

Arenal features famous hot springs and tours almost always include dining options with organized visits. Numerous adventure activities also feature a traditional Costa Rican lunch, ‘Casado’. When combining your stay at Arenal consider combining it with one of the Guanacaste resorts to create incredible all inclusive vacation packages. Your travel consultant can advise you how best to combine the activities and accommodations, so you are stress-free and completely taken care of throughout your stay.

Meal-inclusive Options for Nature Lovers

The more remote areas of Costa Rica are perfect spots for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. Due to the secluded location and lack of infrastructure, many hotels in the these distant areas offer meal inclusive plans. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be eating same bland, boring meals every day. Quite the contrary!

Osa peninsula is famous for its upscale, boutique eco lodges that offer meal inclusive stay. Days filled with diverse activities (most of them included in the basic all inclusive package as well) will open your appetite, and your hosts are well aware of that. Menus are extensive and diverse, offering multi-course options for each meal, with snacks and soft drinks available throughout the day. Planning travel packages to these areas doesn’t mean getting inebriated. It means packing your days, having food included and then maybe kicking back and relaxing for sunset, enjoying a drink or two.

Think all inclusive packages to Costa Rica are the thing for you? Call or message us today, and one of our travel consultants will get right back to you.

All-inclusive Webinar:

Maybe an all-inclusive vacation in Costa Rica is perfect for you, but maybe there’s something that better fits your travel personality. How can you know? Speak to one of our Travel Consultants to find out what suits you best, no obligations!

As this is always much discussed topic, we held a webinar about it. Theresa Parent, a Travel Consultant with many years of experience of living and working in Costa Rica, spoke with our host Rodo Alvarez about all-inclusive vacation packages, and what are the main things to consider when planning a vacation to Costa Rica. Take a look!


Top Tip

Make sure you get out of the resort and explore! Costa Rica is one country where safety beyond resort’s walls doesn’t need to be on your mind.

There is myriad of different things to do and sights to see, if you just give them a chance. Pick a day during your vacation and head out to explore nature, you will not regret it!

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