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Spectacular sport fishing is what makes Costa Rica a popular destination among anglers all over the world. Learn about Costa Rica seasons, when to come here and where to go if you are after marlin, sailfish or the world record tarpon. Or, you are interested in the main international fishing tournaments? Your answers are here:

  • Fishing Seasons

    Fishing Seasons

    When planning an international fishing vacation it is imperative to know when to come and where to go if you are after a specific species.

  • Costa Rica Fishing Tournaments

    Costa Rica Fishing Tournaments

    Many international billfish tournaments have been around for over a decade, and the fishing is so consistently good here that they are held throughout the entire year.

  • Fishing in Costa Rica

    Fishing in Costa Rica

    Naturalists, biologists and savvy travelers have been coming to Costa Rica for decades to explore and enjoy the national parks, rain forests, beautiful beaches and wildlife.

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