Terms and Conditions / Liability Disclaimer

The purchase of the itinerary is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions below. By purchasing any of the products or services included in your custom itinerary, you agree to be bound by these terms.

All prices quoted both on the website, in the itinerary and through any other means of communication are all quoted in United States Dollars (USD). By purchasing the itinerary, you acknowledge that you have read the final version of the itinerary and agree to acceptance of all products and services included in the total price.

Once a vacation is confirmed and paid for Costa Rican Fishing Pros will charge a $125 service charge for any minor changes requested by me to my itinerary. No changes are allowed within 15 days of travel to Costa Rica.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Purchase of the itinerary confirms your understanding and agreement to the Payment and Cancellation Policy included at the bottom of the itinerary which is:

Payment: If arrival date of your vacation is within 30 days or less, full payment is required at time of booking. If arrival date is greater than 30 days please contact your Travel Consultant for payment plan details. For arrival dates between December 18-January 2 or Easter Week final payment is due 60 days prior to arrival and cancellations 60 days or less from arrival carry a 100% penalty. This payment may be made through bank transfer or credit card in the form of Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We are unable to accept personal or cashier’s checks.

If paying for the vacation by wire transfer, by submitting credit card info as Interim Payment Method, you are committed to purchasing this vacation. This is not a “temporary hold” and these services cannot be cancelled OR modified without penalty. If your arrival date is 30 days or less from today, you have 1 business day to render payment via wire. If your arrival date is more than 30 days away, you have 3 business days to render payment via wire. Should you fail to do so, the credit card submitted to Costa Rica Fishing Pros will be charged for the full price (no discount) of the vacation. You authorize Costa Rica Fishing Pros to bill your card for the amount confirmed if you should fail to make payment via other means as outlined above.

Cancellations and refunds: Cancellations (applies to cancellation of the entire package or any individual component within the package): For any/ all cancellations of your package or package items 30 or more days prior to arrival, guest will receive a 100% refund of monies paid to Costa Rican Fishing Pros for the cancelled items.  For cancellations 30 days or less prior to arrival, there are no refunds. For travel during Peak Week (Christmas / New Year’s holiday weeks) cancellations made to purchase on October 18th or earlier, client will be refunded 100% of total price of their vacation for the cancelled items. October 19th or later = no refund. For travel during Easter week cancellations made to purchase 60 or more days prior to arrival, guest will receive 100% refund of monies paid to Costa Rican Fishing Pros for the cancelled items. For Easter week cancellations made to purchase 60 or less days prior to arrival, there are no refunds. Refund amounts of less than $50 will not be given for client-requested changes where payment has been received.

Costa Rica Fishing Pros recommends the purchase of travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.

Responsibility and Liability

Corporacion de Viajes Mundiales, S.A., a Panamanian Corp. doing business as Costa Rica Fishing Pros, is solely a travel agency and does not provide the actual tours, services, accommodations, etc., associated with our client’s vacations. The carriers, hotels, vendors, tour providers and other suppliers providing travel or other services available to the client on our website or booked directly with our company via telephone or other form of communication, are Independent Contractors and are not Agents, Employees or Affiliates of Corporacion de Viajes Mundiales S.A. and/or Costa Rica Fishing Pros or any of its affiliates. Corporacion de Viajes Mundiales S.A. and/or any of its affiliates are not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, misrepresentations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any such third party carrier, vendor or supplier of services or for any personal injuries, death, property damage, or other damages or expenses that may result therefrom. Corporacion de Viajes Mundiales S.A. and it affiliates have no liability and will make no refund in the event that any third party provider service results in any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or other causes beyond our direct control. Any issues arising in connection with such third party carriers, vendors, etc., must be addressed directly with such third party provider in accordance with the procedures required by such third party.

In the event that the despite of the limitation set forth above, Corporacion de Viajes Mundiales S.A. and/or any of its affiliates are found liable for any loss or damage which arises out of or in any way is connected with any of the occurrences described above, then the liability of Corporacion de Viajes Mundiales S.A. and/or its affiliates, will in no event exceed (i) the total amount paid by the client to Corporacion de Viajes Mundiales S.A. and/or its affiliates for the services contracted for or (ii) the amount of US $500.00, whichever ever amount is greater.

The limitation of liability reflects the allocation of risk between the parties. The limitations specified in this section will survive and apply even if any limited remedy specified in these terms is found to have failed of its essential purpose. The limitations of liability provided in these terms inure to the benefit of Corporacion de Viajes Mundiales S.A. and/ or its affiliates.


You agree to defend and indemnify Corporacion de Viajes Mundiales S.A. and/or its affiliates and any of their officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any claims, causes of action, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties or other costs or expenses of any kind or nature including but not limited to reasonable legal fees, brought by third parties as a result of:

(a) your breach of this Agreement;
(b) your violation of any law; or the rights of a third party vendor, carrier, provider; or
(c) your violation of the rights of a third party vendor, carrier or provider.