Matt Casseday

Number of vacations we have planned: 19,490

Client Satisfaction:
4.81 / 5.0

Matt Casseday

Tel: 1-866-901-0638 (ext:1208)

Hometown: West Virginia

About Me: I came to Costa Rica in 1990 and never really left. I love the year-round warm weather, the tremendous diversity, the simpler, earthier life-style, the relentlessness and beauty of nature here. I live here because once it got in my blood, no place else felt like home.

My Favorite Thing: Knowing that no matter where I travel in the country, I will find beautiful vistas, memorable sights, and warm and friendly people.

My Top Tips: Embrace the nature that surrounds you, every bug, cricket, spider, lizard, the green of the rainforest and the blue of the ocean, every monkey, sloth, and bird in flight; this is nature as it should be, relentless and spellbinding.