Quepos Billfish Cup – Day 2

If only the sailfish had the energy and ambition we did today… Unfortunately, Team CRFP did not have a great day today as the fishing slowed down from Day 1 to Day 2. Despite positive reports on water temps and currents and extremely calm sea conditions, everyone had to work extremely hard for their fish today. On Day 1 there was a total of 98 billfish released and today there were just 77.

At first glance it would appear there were less fish in the area, but that’s far from the truth. All morning you were able to see two to three sailfish at a time swimming lazily at the surface of the water and casually extending their sails to warm themselves up in the hot Costa Rican sun. Although we are on a new moon phase the fish were acting like it was a full moon and they had been eating a late night buffet all night. At one point we turned on three of them at the surface and they were a mere 10 feet from our boat so we literally dragged our bait over them, but they didn’t want to eat. Sailfish hunt from below, so when they are already at the surface and swimming without a care in the world it’s because they aren’t hungry or there is so much bait fish in the water they know they don’t have anything to worry about.

In any case, Team CFFP saw just four lazy sailfish in our spread today, none of them with a real appetite or motivation to swallow anything with a hook attached to it, just a few lazy bats at the bait and then they swam off. We did land two dorado, but unfortunately both were too small to qualify for weight points. We also pulled ahead of a pod of 200-300 spinner dolphins in hopes of finding yellow-fin tuna, but it turns out they were just putting on a show for us and they weren’t traveling with their tasty friends today. So, we are stuck in 10th place and hoping that the fish are hungry tomorrow as today they were as lazy as dogs on a hot summer day.