Just Another Reason to Visit Costa Rica

The list of reasons to visit Costa Rica is neither short nor new, however last week another very unique and prestigious honor was bestowed upon this tiny Central American country. According to The New Economics Foundation, an independent think tank in the UK, Costa Rica ranked first as the happiest place on Earth. The survey was conducted throughout 143 countries which 99% of the world’s population calls home, and Costa Rica came out on top. The formula for the rankings was a based on life expectancy, environmental impact, and individual’s happiness.

According to the survey, 85% of ‘Ticos’ interviewed consider themselves happy. Long considered “the gem of Central America”, it is not too hard to see why Costa Ricans are so happy. They have a life expectancy of 78.5 years and a small group of locals living in the Nicoya Peninsula were said to have one of the longest life expectancies on Earth. The weather here is great,it is rarely cold enough to warrent heating buildings and is rarely hot enough for long periods of time where air-conditioning is necesssary. The food here is delicious and fresh, and that includes everything from fresh fish to pineapples. On top of all that Costa Ricans have a very strong sense of national pride, both for their country and their beloved national soccer team, so you won’t find many Ticos who want to leave their little country.

So if you combine a gorgeous country rich in natural resources with a friendly, happy local population you’ll get a tourist mecca. Costa Rica offers the world’s second most active volcano, 800 species of birds, hundreds of reptiles, and up to 10% of the world’s biodiversity. Nearly a quarter of the country is reserved in national parks or nature reserves, including the acclaimed Corcovado National Park and one of the new seven wonders of the world – Coco Island. The people are friendly and well educated, English is spoken by many, and it doesn’t hurt that the Costa Rican women are some of the fairest in Latin America. Last but not least, Costa Rica sport fishing is some of the very best in the world. You can go tarpon fishing on the Caribbean Coast, bass or trout fishing on the fresh water lakes and rivers, or billfishing along Costa Rica’s long and beautiful Pacific Coast. In a week’s vacation you can catch any or all of the following: tarpon, snook, rainbow bass, machaca, trout, marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, grouper, snapper, wahoo, and the famous roosterfish.