Los Sueños and Jaco

Los Sueños and Jaco

Los Sueños and Jaco

The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica is home to some of Costa Rica’s most popular beaches because not only are they beautiful, they are also the most easily accessible from San Jose. The first, and perhaps the most developed beach you’ll come across is Playa Jaco. Long popular among the locals, this area has turned into a surfing, sport fishing, and night life mecca over the past decade.

Part of the reason Jaco has the reputation of having the wildest nightlife of all the beaches here is because it is the closest beach to San Jose at just 1.5 hours away. Surely the other reason is due to the fact that Jaco is younger beach town and is extremely popular among surfers and sport fishermen. This immense popularity and proximity to the nation’s capital, coupled with the incredible off-shore fishing, led to the construction of the immaculate 1,400 acre Los Sueños Resort & Marina just 5 minutes north in Herradura Bay. This world class resort features a spa, casino, 12 restaurants, 18-hole golf course, beach club, 200 slip marina, and the luxury condos and private homes that make up the resort itself.

The decision behind choosing the location of the Los Sueños Resort can be easily traced back to the natural bay it’s located in (Herradura means ‘horseshoe’ in Spanish), and of course the incredible sport fishing. The sport fishing is so good and so consistent here that the Los Sueños Marina holds two very popular international billfish tournaments every year. The off-shore fishing can be done as close to 20 miles from the marina, which means most days you have your lines in the water within an hour of boarding the boat. More often than not captains will find the bite at popular hot spots like ‘The Corner’, ‘The Pocket’, and ‘El Vientisies’. On the run out there they’ll always be looking for currents, garbage flows, or pods of spinner dolphins that may be hiding tuna underneath them.

If you aren’t interested in going after sailfish or marlin there are several hot spots for in-shore fishingas well. Many of our local captains grew up spear fishing and lobster diving in the area so they know the reefs and underwater caves where big fish hide. There are always roosterfish near the rocky shoreline and islands as well as snappergrouperjacksbarracuda, and mackerel.

The beach extends for over two miles and is mostly blessed with warm temperatures. Jacó can get quite humid depending on the time of the year, but the ocean water always remains refreshing, which also makes it an affable spot for surfing. Jacó neighbors the bay of Herradura as well as the popular Playa Hermosa. Nearby attractions also include the Carara National Park, whose most famous inhabitants, the Scarlet Macaws, welcome you flying as you drive down the road.


  • Playa Hermosa is home to a widely known surfing contest that takes place each year and attracts contestants from all over the world.
  • Jacó offers all kinds of accommodations but is known for its luxurious private condos and villas.