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Fish for Tarpon. Alligator Gar, Tilapia, Rainbow Bass and More.

Enjoy the best fresh water fishing that Costa Rica has to offer. You’ll start off in Costa Rica’s largest lake, the 33 sq mile Lake Arenal, where you will fish for machaca, mojarra, tilapia, and rainbow bass. You’ll split those days up with a few days of fishing in the exotic and wild Cano Negro Reserve where you’ll find snook, freshwater tarpon, and even alligator gar!

*Prices reflect our best approximation of low and high season rates and are subject to change at any time. You will receive a 100% accurate price when you inquire with us. The rates listed here, are per person, double occupancy accommodation and include taxes, domestic transport, tours and hotels as described, unless otherwise indicated. Price does NOT include international airfare or optional travel insurance or any other services not expressly mentioned.

Day 1: Fly into San Jose, Costa Rica where you will be met inside the airport and taken to your private transfer. We’ll travel due north three hours to see Costa Rica’s most popular and imposing volcano, Arenal. Here you will stay at the luxurious Arenal Kioro where all 54 suites have incredible views of the volcano. The hotel also features it’s own set of thermal hot springs, so after a long day of fishing nothing feels better than soaking your bones in these therapeutic waters.

Day 2: Time to fish! Head out early with master angler Tirsio Hidalgo for an exciting day of bass fishing on Costa Rica’s largest lake. Tirsio has been fishing here for a quarter of a century and is one of the best anglers in the entire country. His 20’ professional bass boat will take you to whatever corner of the 33’ sq mile lake you need to be in to find the fish.

Day 3: Drive 1.5 hours north into the jungle and the untamed waters of the Rio Frio and Cano Negro Reserve. Here you will big machaca, snook, freshwater tarpon, and even big alligator gar!

Day 4: Spend this day trying something entirely different – Canyoning Waterfall Rappel! Pure Trek is one of the most established and reputable adventure companies in Costa Rica and will provide you with an unforgettable experience as you rappel down a series of five waterfalls – the tallest at 150 ft!

Day 5: Head back up to Cano Negro for one more day of fishing for fresh water monsters. Very few things can beat the experience of seeing a tarpon explode through a top water lure in a narrow river that is also home to crocodiles and bull sharks.

Day 6: One last day of fishing with Tirsio! Fish near fallen trees and near the river mouths that empty into the lake for big machaca or try to find a big rainbow bass to eat for dinner.

Day 7: Admit it, you are tired, your muscles hurt, and you still don’t want to go back to work. Take this day off to sleep in and enjoy your last full day in Costa Rica. You can explore the nearby town of La Fortuna on your own, relax at the pool and hot springs, or check out the La Fortuna Waterfall where you can go swimming.

Day 8: We will pick you up and take you back to the SJO Airport for your international flight home.

This package includes these hotels:

  • Arenal Kioro

    Arenal Kioro

    Enjoy the best of nature and luxury in one truly unique hotel. Arenal Kioro offers fabulous accommodations with the best view of Arenal volcano in the entire country. The property includes 27 acres of rolling hills surrounded by two streams of...

    « View Hotel »

Besides fishing, this package includes following tours:

  • Canyoning Waterfall Rappel

    This adventure begins with a 30-minute 4x4 ride into the rainforest. After trekking through the tropical forest trails that lead to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica begin rappelling to the bottom of a 350-foot canyon, through... « View Tour »

Ideal for catching:

  • Machaca

    Machaca are one of the most aggressive and hardest fighting fresh water fish in Costa Rica, so much so they have earned the nickname “mini tarpon”. Once hooked they will leap out of the water several times. They are actually related to... « Read more about Machaca »
  • Snook

    Snook are found literally all over Costa Rica – from the Caribbean Coast to the Pacific Coast to the inland rivers and lagoons. They are typically found near shore, in brackish estuaries, or even in fresh water rivers depending on the time of... « Read more about Snook »
  • Rainbow Bass

    Rainbow Bass are part of the cichlid family, which includes oscars, wrasse, angel fish, the closely related peacock bass. Better known as ‘guapote’ here in Costa Rica, they are the main target of freshwater anglers. « Read more about Rainbow Bass »
  • Tarpon

    Tarpon are found in shallow, warm tropical waters in the Atlantic ocean from the Caribbean to the coast of Africa. This prehistoric fish dates back to the time of dinosaurs, and in our opinion are one of the most unique and exciting game fish in... « Read more about Tarpon »

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